Friday, May 21, 2010

Facebook status: E

Hershey like other babies born in this modern world is a techy baby. :D She plays the computer, can control the mouse, drag and drop, play puzzle, click and double click, etc. She is also an ipod addict. She plays with it all the time - and all these were learned before she turned two. So what's the difference with her holding the blackberry? None, it's a natural thing. I am just on the look everytime she holds it because she might push or dial an overseas contact number. It's a company phone so I don't have the freedom to use it for non work related calls. I think. :D

We were in the living room tonight, watching Rosalka (pogi ni Felix Roco :D) and Hershey here is playing with my blackberry while her eyes on the TV. I don't want to get the berry from her by force because she won't give in or worst, she'll through it away. Maldita. Although for few seconds I also get the chance to hold it and check my facebook updates but that is all I can do. Until the time she has to go downstairs to drink her milk, I saw Ate Jans replied on my status. To my surprise the below is what I saw, E.

She did it. Grrrr! Posted via Facebook Blackberry. Kalowka! What else can you do soon, anak? Posting 1-letter status on facebook, using your toes to browse the ipod and a lot more. haaay. kakaiba ka. amazingly cute. :)


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