Monday, May 24, 2010

Is your kid into photography?

Is your kid into photography? I asked because my daughter is. Like most parents, we also take pictures of our daughter's every move. Every special event in her life, we document it. That became an every day thing and my husband even upgraded himself in using the DSLR to have the best shots for Hershey. H saw us doing it while she grows and now at age two, she can comfortably use our digital camera. 

See her latest shots.

 She took a pic of her new doll she named "Pinky".           

Even Daddy fresh from the shower.

           Went outside to take a pic of the flat screen.
And everything she sees in the living room.
She was bending like a pro when she took pictures of these
Not bad, yeah? She knows what her subject is and she is trying to be very creative.

               And this is her on the digicam. =0) 


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