Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I'm out of funds!

I can't believe I'm out of funds! waaaah. I  have been spending too much to satisfy my wants and now I have no enough funds for Christmas shopping. You see, I am preparing three balikbayan medium size boxes to send to the Philippines. Few months back I am planning to give big gifts to our families but it seems impossible now.

There are just too many expenses, too many things I want to buy and I don't want to list them down, I might just feel frustrated. My mom's birthday is coming up, 15th Nov. Instead of arranging a family dinner in a 4 star hotel in the province, I might just ask them to celebrate as usual. I ordered a nice fondant cake for mom! oh noooo!!! My husband's birthday is on the 14th of this month - well, this man is not that hard to please, give him something for his guitar playing and he'll be happy. I already bought him an advance gift, RAT, a guitar effect. I was originally planning to give him a study Bible, but that would cost 50sgd at least. Expensive already! 

What should I do now? If only my tummy's excess fat is sell-able. LOL I'm serious although I laugh about the idea. Urgggh!

Money, rain on me!

Blessings ♥


  1. I'm actually experiencing the same thing right now. Can't wait until the payday.

    BTW, hope you can vote for my entry for the Ensembles Facebook contest. Here's the link to my entry: http://on.fb.me/dvzSXG. Thanks!


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