Monday, November 08, 2010

Hurting inside

So it's official. I am not through Liam's death yet. Liam is the son of our friends in church who died from cancer. I posted a blog about him here, LIAM Succumb To Cancer
Every time I see his parents, I cry. Saturday night I woke up and thought of him. Instead of going back to sleep, I sat down and pray until I was all sobbing. I can feel the pain of the parents. I can see on Ate Joanne and Kuya Carlos' eyes, they missed the little boy a lot. I  prayed to the Lord that he continue to comfort them, that He heals their wounds quickly.

Ate Jo would smile and kiss me every time we see each other but I know behind those smiles are unhappiness. Kuya Carlos' eyes speak so much. He can't hide it. He is still hurting inside. I feel so affected when I see them looking at other kids. Maybe they are wishing Liam is with them or maybe it is just me. I don't know but I really feel the sadness because I am also a parent.

Last Saturday, they had water baptism. Ate Joanne and Kuya Carlos have accepted Christ and announce to the world they love Christ. I know that if it is not for Him, I wouldn't see this couple standing and still able to live life normally after loosing their only child. They are in church every Sunday, you would see them raising their hands crying, surrendering to the Lord all their heartaches, their sadness, their frustrations, every thing. The Lord bless them.

Our church's bassist Jason had a dream about Liam on the day he died. He saw Liam running and being welcomed by a bright white light (whom he think was God) and then his parents, calling Liam but Liam was already happy and excited in reaching the light. When Jason went to the Liam's wake, he was so shock to see Liam's picture when he was still very healthy. It was the same face, the same body but was just taller. So we believe it was a message from the Lord through Jason. To tell the parents that Liam is already with him, no more pain, no more crying for Liam. And he left his parents the most beautiful price, that is to know the Lord and his greatness. We might not know how He works because His mind is not ours but He is also faithful and full of grace. He will see us through.

I want to share this NOTE from Barkadahan Kay Kristo FB account. This was composed by our Pastor my brother.

As I was not there the day of your birth , I rely on stories to tell of your worth.
A few years pass, and a miracle once more You’re family found our Ministry a love of open door.

As time passed along we all grew stronger Who would know that you would not last much longer.
I cannot remember how it started,
News from the doctor, said that you would be departed.

Your parents crying, praying! Doctor must be wrong.
The test confirming, Treatment would be long.
Little chance is what they give you to live.
Liam, your strength, you showed them what a child could give.

Never once complaining about the pain you dealt.
Only praying to God about how you felt.
Answering our prayers were what he has done.
Giving us time to share, love and have fun.

As time passed our faith was tested
Seeing you at the church that supposed you’re rested.
And as the pain became strong and your body became weak Your parents and our ministry prayed through thin and thick.

The sickness this time was worst than before.
No treatment at all could even the score.
The medicines, the test, you all done in stride.
Knowing the whole time God was by your side.

Creating moments with you was what we've done.
But the ones from your childhood are the most fun.
Prayer for you grew by the minute;
A prayer was not spoken without you in it.

It seemed the more we prayed the sicker you became Your belief stayed strong, never cursing His Name.
Your final breath taken, we were all in shocked.
And Our prayers continued around the clock.

Oh Lord we plead, have mercy was what we all screamed and cried.
Never Knowing, GOD was saying This Child Will Be By My Side.
For eternity he will sit by GOD at last
All his wanting and sickness a thing of the past.

Prayer for Liam is not needed any more,
Pray for ourselves to be with him once more.
His life is just beginning you see
A life to be sought by you and me.


Blessings ♥

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