Thursday, November 18, 2010

5 beautiful days

Well, weekends off + 2 days leave of absence plus 1 day SG holiday = 5 beautiful days! I enjoyed every moment of those. Saturday was the usual weekend class for Hershey, had grocery shopping and sumptuous lunch at home prepared by H's nanny. Sunday morning, we prepared the couch and a bucket of KFC chicken for brunch specially because we are watching the Pacman's boxing fight. Who haven't seen it? Our lives paused for a while, Filipinos around the world were all eyes and hearts on it. And he didn't turn us down. Manny is the greatest boxer of all time! And we are just so proud of him.

My English bosses are texting and e-mailing me non stop! LOL

That's daddy the couch daddy!Also the birthday, Daddy!
Go, go Pacman! Hershey was cheering for him and also said, "Mommy, let's pray!" haha. I'm not too sure why we really have to pray, maybe because he sees Manny hit by Maga-rito "sometimes" or Hershey wants Manny to win too! She's only 2 years old. What does she knows about winning? LOL

And then in the afternoon we had our church, dinner as usual in church and bought caricature cake for hubby's birthday. Black+blue team!

Monday, my mom's birthday and Marv's birthday celebration extension. We had buffet lunch! Lamon! LOL yellow team!
Tuesday we had slumber party at home. Hehe. Just stayed home dance and play with Hershey. Daddy had extra sleep too! It was also raining so might as well stay home.

The whole day of Wednesday was for my daughter. I talked to her while we're trying to take a nap, I told her that she might miss me and dad tomorrow as I am going back to work and she just smile saying, "Okay yang, Mom. Love you so much!" Aaaawww.

We'll be together again soon Hershey. I know your favorite time is when dad and mom are around you.

Cant' wait for my next vacation soon.

Blessings ♥

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