Friday, November 19, 2010

GT: Plato addict!

I'm a day late but nevertheless, I still want to join GirlsTalk for November. This week's girltalk is shopping housewares. I <3 it :)

Even while in highschool when going to the mall with friends, my closest buddies Maricel and Iris would say, "I know where Hapi is heading. Sa mga pinggan, kurtina, etc etc!" Haha. I just love beautiful home with beautiful housewares and let me include furnitures, okay? :) Home furnishings. :)

When the time comes when the Lord grants our wish of our own home in Singapore, I will surely love the day when we shop for furniture and household stuff. Just last week actually I thought that I might need to ship a rattan living room sofa if I can't find the classic one in Singapore for our own house. Wishing! I want the classic style, I saw the most comfortable and beautiful white rattan sofa in Bacolod at the famous Cuadra mansion. :) Something like the below but bigger and white. And will add up voile curtains behind. Hehe. It feels and looks cozy. Simple but elegant.

So for housewares I usually buy from Ikea. It's one stop shop, cheaper and practical here,  browse your like! hehe

2 months ago I changed our plates and mugs to Ikea Dinera blue, from apple green before. I also bought new sets of Ikea PANNA place mats, light blue.

Everytime you visit Ikea you think whatever is displayed is needed at home. You will end up buying more than what you planned. Our kitchen wares are bought from different stores as the kitchen appliances. We almost have everything a little home needs, so shopping for these stuff is not all the time as much as I want. :)



Blessings ♥


  1. Me loves Ikea! :) I came here for your Mommy moments entry sana...check ko uli later. Thanks for dropping by my page. :)

  2. So shiny and brand new sis. I like your elegant and simple taste in choosing your housewares. I like your living room set.

    My Girls Talk

  3. Sis, I wonder kung anong next color ang ipapalit mo.. hehe! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog!:)

  4. That's a cozy interior...when I have the means to renovate our house, I'd have it really bright like that...

  5. but the set in the picture doesn't look SIMPLE to me. it looks fancy and really REALLY GRAND, lol!

  6. i love ikea but i've never actually bought anything from them...been wanting to buy a kalas set of fork,spoon and plate for my little one and probably purchase extra for my inaanaks this christmas!

    stopping by from gt!

  7. i've read about ikea, ang ganda ng mga furnitures nila din! nice post,have a great day!!


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