Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hapi, Kay Ganda

So even the citizens didn't like it. That is the new Philippine tourism slogan which was changed from Wow, Philippines to Pilipinas, Kay Ganda and received heavy criticism online. The logo is a rip-off itself, a similar version from Poland's logo, check this out, P vs P. Pilipinas, Kay Ganda sounds like a morning show too. I read from one comment, it should have been, "Philippines, We'll Knock You Out" with Manny's caricature! LOL

So to just enjoy the fiasco, Pinoy FB user has created an apps that will create your own Kay Ganda logo. :)  Look at my version,


Blessings ♥


  1. maganda ka talaga sis. hehe. :)
    ako personally, i like it. wow philippines is in english, i guess they wanted to be more in tune with being pinoy and keep it tagalog. sakin as long as it will be for our country's sake, go lang ng go. hirap sa mga kapwa natin pinoy, imbes na tayo nalang magtulungan, puro criticize lang ang ginagawa. kung suporta nalang sana eh mas nakatulong pa. hehehe

  2. thanks for dropping by Sam! :)

    agree pero kasi our target is foreigners, if the slogan is in Tagalog, they would end up asking for translation pa. di sya ganun ka simple imemorize unlike, "Korea, Sparkling!", "INcredible India", "Malaysia, truly Asia" o diba? LOL


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