Sunday, September 18, 2011

my 29th

Hello! This is my first entry at 29. :) So you know [so you know talaga!] I turned 29 years old in the most beautiful day of September, the 10th. =) I had a simple celebration at home with my family. My parents are here for vacation and it was nice to have spent it with them.

I initially planned to have dinner somewhere but I will be paying for at least 12 people and just thinking of the total bill makes me cry - it won't be a happy birthday anymore. I wanted a steamboat buffet dinner but budget wise, it wont be ideal. I instead decided to buy our own steamboat/bbq grill where we can bring buffet at home. Spend a couple of hundreds for it and the food, at least I get to have my own grill - which we can use over and over and over again. =)

My mom and Manang Ji-ji helped me marinade and prepared the food. I bought teriyaki sauce for marinade but whatwe used mostly were soy sauce, pepper, vinegar and some sugar. I guess the taste turned out fine. We had fish, pork, beef, veggies, shrimp, tempura, etc. =) I enjoyed it, my guest for sure loved it because every time they take a bite their reaction was like, "wow, sarap!" "sarap ng fish tita!" and the likes. Ha Ha.

I had 2 cakes. :) Blueberry [Sheng and Bry] and Tiramisu [Desc family] cakes, gifts from my guests. Hehe. And of course Angry Birds cup cakes which my hubby chose, I think those were already his gift to me. Salamat na din. :)

Thank you Lord for the new year ahead of me. May you continue to guide and provide. :) Salamat po ulet.

Blessings ♥

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