Thursday, September 22, 2011

It happened again. Not cool.

My daughter has been attending an afternoon-2hr-class everyday in a preschool near our home for a couple of months now. I decided to enroll her on a daily class because I don't want her to get bored and not learn anything when she is just at home the whole day. Both my husband and I work so our daughter is left at home with the maid. We tell our maid to use flashcards, play music, and use books to work with my daughter while they are playing but it's not successful all the time. My daughter knows what she wants to do and unfortunately Manang Ji-ji is a follower of Hershey. She does what Hershey ask her to do,  literally. Sigh.

Last month her  refusal to attend her class started. It was a big issue on our part because we thought she enjoyed school so what could be the problem that all of a sudden she dislike it. My work was affected, I had to ask permission to work from home for a couple of days to personally send her to school or her Dad would go home during lunch break to do the same - just to let her feel that we support her and that school is important. We spoke to her teachers. To the school admin. They told us that H is attentive in school. She participates, she responds and she seems to enjoy everyday. We asked if there's a possible bully that could have threatened her but the they all disagree and said that their class is the most gentle group there is.

So what could have caused it? I don't know, really. Her teachers talked to her and that somewhat helped the situation. She obliged and seems to be back to normal. Fast forward last Monday we are facing the same problem again. We thought because her constipation is back [thanks to gummy fiber which helps resolves this soon] so I said fine, she can stay home on Monday. Come Tuesday, her Nanny has to take get a cab and secretly take her to school, and today, we can hear her wailing on the phone. She seriously doesn't want to go to school again. This is really a pain.

Tomorrow, Hubby and I decided that he goes home for lunch to bring the kid to school and I work from home on Monday so I can do the same. My gulay, this is not a good thing.

I'm still checking what is the cause of this, I've been searching online but there is no clear reason behind. I hope this is the last time she is doing this.

Fingers crossed.

Blessings ♥

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  1. Hi sis, I remember when we first took Poj to nursery. He used to hate it, mega iyak talaga. But when we talk to the carers they'll tell me that he had a lovely time and participated in all the activities, he'll even bring home his artworks, and they'll say he ate all his food and had a nap etc. It was like that most days, nung una parang feeling ko parang kaylangan ko bang mag give up ng work, though di naman namin kaya yun financially... Eventually he got better, though i have to say may mga araw pa rin na ang hirap nyang iwan dun. Pero pag susunduin naman sya ay ayaw pa nya! Kaloka.
    I hope it's nothing, and it's simply a change in her usual routine kaya medyo upset sya, But i believe sa advantage of sending them to pre-school, we went when we were younger and my niece as well. But it won't hurt din to investigate. Just try not to force her, minsan we address the nursery as "office" and say office na rin si Poj yay, parang si Ama at Ina. This seems to work most times.
    Hope it all get sorted soon.... =)

  2. Hello Kris. Salamat sa pagbasa ng mahaba kong post. :)

    Exactly ganun din nangyayari sa daughter ko, like Poj he is okay at school and happy naman. sana nga phase lang to. i googled din and many kids have experienced this din pala.

    i will try to change how we call school. office na din. :) hope too this is not something serious.

  3. hopefully its just a phase for H. but its good open ang communication mo with her teachers about it. hindi kaya she's getting sleepy kasi afternoon yung class nya?

  4. hello abi. nice to see you again. btw abs, i message you sa blog mo, i want to folow you but how, ah? < singaporean accent. :)

    i hope its just a phase too. di sya nantok mars. di naman natutulog yan sa hapon. daddy nya naghatid sa school today, sabi nya sana daw me or si daddy nya hatid sa kanya everyday. imposible naman yan.

    PH ka pa?


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