Monday, September 19, 2011

H and Mum on the sidewalk

I am joining Mommy and Me - Mondays

The goal is to take a picture of yourself and your child/ children once a week. Hmmmm... This is really quiet exciting. I am looking forward to our special picture together every week and the entries of moms who are also joining, how we'll have the best time with our child.

For my first post is a picture with my daughter having a 'funny' night together. Sorry it's a bit dark and grainy. This was taken around 8ish PM on the sidewalk of Changi Beach Park. We were waiting for the cab which we booked 15 minutes ago and we feel like waiting there forever. Since we are bored, I tried to entertain her by making faces or just do whatever she ask me to do. We even danced under the moon that time. Her Daddy took this pic for us.

I can still hear her laughter every time I see this picture. I love being with her.

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Blessings ♥

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  1. I hear you sis. That is a precious photo. being with our kids is the most important we do as moms in this whole world.

  2. awww, that's sweet. I find that the most meaningful pics can be taken in moments where you're just being you, no occasion, no serious poses... simply enjoying each other's company... a mom so in love with your child =)

  3. Thanks Mel. true the most special moment is being with them. :)

    kris, like you! we are both in love with our kids. :)


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