Friday, May 20, 2011

A terrible Flirt: My version

 Dropped by At the Well today and bumped into A Terrible Flirt post. :) I read it fast and every revelation I can relate.

Were you a flirt during your younger years? As for me, I can't deny it. My friends could read this post and stone me to death if I say I AM NOT. Absolutely I am. I am guilty, you may throw a stone on me for that! :) I am most of the time one of the boys, my high school wasn't so flirty, I didn't need to. I enjoy the company of my friends and having a boyfriend  who would take advantage like guys usually do is a No-No. That was my thinking although I think I had one. Nyehehe. I was very ideal when I was in high school until I realize, I have to experience the excitement and pleasure having a boyfriend or even just being with guys around. I officially became somewhat a flirt when I was in college. I belong to a block section where they said there are only 5 girls in our class which our classmates or other people would have an eye on. And me on that 5 included. No offense to the rest of our block mates but that is what the boys said. And these 5 are mostly flirts. LOL

But nobody, I mean we have never heard anyone called us flirts because we still pass our subjects. We mingle with our guy friends comfortably, no one took advantage. There maybe some bad moves we made but for serious matters that may ruin our super nice reputation, we don't flaunt it. We just like to tease our classmates, those who said we are pretty decent to be their dates. I even enroll my self on an Engineering class for my advance summer subject because I thought there are more ruggedly handsome men there and I was mainly right! Well, we were just having fun or being playful with these guys but no touching, no kissing, no petting, etc. We were just BIG TEASERS.

Fast forward when I started working, my flirting has lessen a bit but my boyfriend who is now my husband knew that I can be his nightmare. I was 50% less of a flirt but the boys around me now are more aggressive than I thought. This time, they are dangerous! I am a little safe because most of them knew I have a boyfriend. Actually I have this colleague who I found cute, just cute I'm not planning to really pursue him, but eventually discovered the obvious that I am flirting and he told me, calling me by my first name, "H, please don't ever think about that. I saw M pick you up yesterday and you rode on his car. So you know, he was my band mate. We used to be on the same band back in our high school and college years so I practically know your man!" I was like, whatever! LOL

And I think now I am enjoying the memory. Nostalgia it is. I am NOT a flirt anymore. I think I don't know how to now and it just doesn't make sense for someone like me who is married and has a kid to play around. Neah... It is not a good story to tell anymore especially I am a believer.

I had my time. I've been there, done that. READ THIS!

Blessings ♥


  1. I'm also a terrible flirt... uh, terrible AT it is more likely. LOL! this is definitely a fun read :) I don't think I have ever flirted with anyone because basically, I don't know how. I'm afraid it would be very awkward for me to do so. Imagining myself flirting...LOL! definitely, hindi uubra ang tactics ko. Even ask my boyfriend/husband :) I was never good at enticing any man intentionally.

  2. Thanks Ann. I'm sure you could have done it, nung medyo young pa tayo... everyone has a talent in doing so kasi e. :) kelangan mo lang ng practice and friends who would support. hehe. kidding.

  3. I think I was a subtle flirt, if there was such a thing. I was a teaser too, and made sure the guys would run after me, instead of me going after them. Masaya naan eh, diba? hahaha. It's part of the dating process din kasi. lol

  4. ^ hahaha. run after you talaga? di yan subtle. hahaha. fun di ba? sad i was over it. nyeheheh

    you stll do it til now? ur not married yet, reens.


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