Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chicken Inasal, nostalgia

I had a great night with with my ex colleagues at MSN 2 days ago. We had dinner at Makansutra in Marina and Starbucks right after.  As usual, it was a great time of laughing and sharing. Reminiscing and cheering. I hope to do this again soon, wishing there would be more of us together.

My sister at church on the other hand texted me saying she has something for us that night - she will specially bring to our house some food, lumpiang shanghai and chicken inasal, desserts like fruit salad and leche flan.
I was ecstatic reading her messages especially that she is bringing inasal for us. Yohoooo! I've never had a real inasal for almost 2 years now so hubby knowing that i missed it already just kept it on the fridge and planned to serve it for brunch the next day - and it happened we shared a piece of inasal. :)

While the chix is being re-cooked I was also preparing the dipping sauce, just Maggi chili soy plus calamansi. We don't have sinamak, the Ilonggo most famous spiced vinegar, so we improvised.

I immediately tasted it as soon as it was ready. The effect was different. It was nostalgic. I had my ratatouille EGO moment. Everything just seemed to have stopped and my childhood memories ware flashing back like crazy. Ha Ha Ha. My neighbors, the street stalls were we usually buy these from. We may eat the same food everyday but we can never get enough of it. Bonnga lang. Look at Ego below.

I only remembered taking a pic right after a few tastes. Sorry it seems obvious so got to explain why it looks like that. :) I wish I could taste you again, my love. :) haha. Inasal, FTW!

Blessings ♥


  1. oh i love that it gave you that ratatouille ego moment! haha...that was my fave part in the movie. :)

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