Monday, May 30, 2011

Hershey and the movie Tangled

Have you watched the movie Tangled? We missed to watch it on the big screen, my hubby just recently downloaded it so we actually watched it late, months behind the rest of the world but it was fun watching it in our cozy home. :)

I was a fan of Rapunzel when I was growing up. I remember my siblings narrate the story to me, reading it from my most favorite Rapunzel book.  I wish I can take a picture of that book and show to everyone but anyway, we watched the Disney's movie creation and my husband and I liked it. My daughter was actually the reason why we had it downloaded. I wanted to introduce her to Rapunzel, the girl in the tower, the girl with the longest hair. But to my dismay, my dear daughter didn't like it that much. Three reasons she cared about
1) Rapunzel didn't wear a very nice pink gown
2) why is she not wearing her shoes
3) why does she has to cut her hair?

Hershey is so biased with pink. She thinks everything that is pink is pretty. Everything that is pink is beautiful. She likes those stuff with glitters, princesses, castles, feathers, gowns, etc etc. That's the reason why she questioned the gown and the shoes.

She liked Disney Princesses. Her first love was Snowhite, then Belle then Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel and Cinderella.

But now, she loves the fabulous Barbie. I used to buy her anything that is Disney Princess, even went to Disneyland HK to personally meet them but there's a change of heart now. All pink, all pretty.

She likes Barbie's dresses, shoes, bags and accessories. She like Barbie's beautiful hair. A ponytail hair is called a Barbie hair too. Ha Ha Ha. That is why it was a big deal that Rapunzel's boyfriend cut her hair. *sigh*

See the latest photo of my daughter, taken just last week. I asked a picture of her and pose like that. Effortless. That's my little Barbie, my little Princess. <3

So we will watch Tangled again one of these days. I won't stop until she realized the story is nice anyway. :)
Blessings ♥


  1. we love tangled also! naku dati araw araw namin yan watch ni nix thankfully nag move na sya, sleeping beauty na kami ngayon haha..btw nice blog haps:)


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