Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The starbucks latte today is a treat from my God

Good day.

I still have drafted blogs saved and I wish I could finish those soon and share to the blogosphere.Well right now, this is just a quick note. I just had a realization of how faithful the Lord is.

I posted this note in FB, I said it is really amazing how the Lord can be a God of small things as well. I had a little prayer this morning, I wanted a latte from Starbucks but I don't want to buy it from my own pocket. I was busy, so thought of just doing my daily morning routine, have a cup of 3-1 coffee. But the Lord didn't let the time pass by without catering to my sweet small desire. After a while my boss asked a colleague to buy Starbucks for everyone. Whew! I didn't think twice, when asked, I said I want a latte, medium. :) After few minutes, I've got a sip of my morning blessing.

It was really not a serious want. I didn't even really pray but I know I want it. I am not a starbucks drinker myself because I find it expensive. :) It is not just my thing to do everyday.

So I am happy because 1) The Lord answered my little simple desire. and 2) I was sensitive with the works of the Lord. If I were not, this testimony will just pass without me sharing this to you.

I think it is always better to be grateful for small and big things God is giving us. The starbucks latte today is a treat from my God.

What a heavenly experience. :)


  1. glad you got your simple desire. i wanted a coolata from dunkin donuts today and i got that too! it was great. :)

  2. wow nice pic sis, sorry no come often as busy with red contest


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