Friday, September 03, 2010

GT is into RED

Okay, so for this week GT is into RED.Something RED. I should have posted this yesterday but I wasn't ready. Aw. sorry girls.

So there, my solo picture wearing my red tank top. Grabe! I look fat! LOL. We were kite flying then on an open lot right infront our block. That is me also with my husband Marvin and little one, Hershey. This is the only pic I found where I'm wearing RED.

I love red. Look at the last photo. I actually planned to take a pic of my blackberry in RED silicon cover using my Samsung digicam but I realized Samsung is red as well. So I took Marv's DSLR and took a pic of these two things. To my surprise the IKEA candle holders on the the living room's center table are also red. Hehe. So there.



  1. the ikea candles are super cute.

  2. so many 'reds'... ;)
    i can even see a red car!

    happy GT!

  3. i am not into red pero yang blackberry mo type ko ang pagkared ha!! love it!

    ung first pic nga parang sinadya may red car oh!

    at girl ikea rin ang red frame ko hihihi :)

  4. whew :D infairness, ang daming RED ha :D para lang valentines ehehehe

    baka interested ka sumali sa contest ni RED :

    paki sabi i referred you :D kailangan ko lang ng referral :D wahahaha


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