Thursday, September 02, 2010

My first Longchamp Planetes 2 - EBONY

Hello world!

I am again sharing the blessing the Lord has given upon me through my husband. We celebrated our wedding anniversary late, the dinner and gift giving were late. Nevertheless, it is better late then never. We still enjoyed it very much.

I will upload pics and share you stories where we had our anniversary dinner next time. Today I am sharing the blessing I received from God, Marvin's gift to me. We bought it just the other day, the 31st. Just in time for his salary. hahaha. We were around Orchard to check my dream bag, a Longchamp.

I am happy.

We were with our friend Ruth. She is the church pianist, on vacation from the Phils.

And that's me filling up the membership card of LongChamp Paris. :)

And us in Paragon. :)

Bag kung bag! Til the next blessing.


  1. wow saw your red post very nice all red. :D

  2. sherry, this is not my red post. LOL. the other one.

  3. ay di ako nakajoin ng GT now.. heheh bz bzhan ang lola mo hehe

  4. hi, what color is this?:)

  5. Hi my name is princila. Sorry may I know whay colour is your longchamp bag. I reaaly like. Taht,s my dream bag. ;) hope u can reply me asap . Thanks n God bless you.

  6. hi sorry just had a chance to see your replies. its ebony.


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