Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glee Season 2 Premier

I was able to watch it via ChongsLiveStreaming website. Thank you. :) I was so happy although I wasn't able to really watch the whole episode because I am at work and I was busy that time.

The 1st Episode of Season 2 is Charice' debut at GLEE.  Charice Pempengco is playing the role so Sunshine, the foreign exchange student from the Philippines who will be the vocal rival of Rachel. And it was just so right. :) They sang Lady Gaga's Telephone. Promising! :) But sad as Charice will be with the Vocal Adrenalin after they gave her mom a green card and a condo! hahaha. Funny.

I was a bit (just a bit) :) proud of Charice representing the Philippines in Hollywood's hit TV Series. Although not everyone like her, well me, I am happy for her. As they say she was already a star before she became popular. Thanks to Elen de Generes and Oprah. She has reached everyone's dream in no time. She is on top of the Pyramid now.

I was able to get a print screen of one of her appearances. She is on her locker, Rachel went to her to give her the schedule for the Audition, which by the way is the title of the first episode. And her first line, "Thanks!" Hahaha. How cool is that? Aaah, not really. LOL

So hope to catch up with you again next week, Charice and of course, looking forward to some great performances from the GLEE casts.


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  1. great story for this actress. i watched the season opener for Glee and it was awesome. this girl has a wonderful voice! she sings "listen" as well as beyonce did in Dream Girls.


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