Thursday, July 01, 2010

GT: Loving my Bod

Okay, so like other sisters, I am participating this week's GT,  I love my Body.   Girls Talk

Let's start with my behind. Many people said my best asset is my BUTT but sometimes I feel shy because it's bigger than normal. LOL

Singapore 2004

Also my legs, I dont know why but I receive a lot of compliments for it. I remember years ago at Kodak Cubao, the store owner told my husband (my boyfriend then) that he is lucky to have a girlfriend who has sexy legs. He can flaunt me to anyone. I feel good but felt bad at the same time. So that's it? My legs? Grrr.

2007 Pic

Another is my feet. :) They say I make sandals/open shoes look nice because I have nice feet. Aawww! LOL. I have an admirer when I was in college (both of us working part time in Mcdonalds) who loves touching my feet and even kissing it. LOL. Weird.

Also, thanks for my mom for sharing with me a body with curve. Before I gave birth my body stat is 34-25-35. Then eventually 35-28-37. LOL But still my waist is narrow. I remember a friend, MHAI, who always says, "Mabuti pa to si HAPI kasi kahit malaki tiyan pero may bewang, sexy pa din tignan!" LOL

Ayoko na! :) Alright so that's all - I would love to stop now before I mention every part of my body, because I feel good about them all except my tummy! har har

PS: these are the photos available now. I will try to update the pics with the recent ones. :) to give justice! LOL


  1. wow sis, you waist stay the same :D

    check mine

  2. oohh.. i wish my feet were nicer like yours. it's great that you are still able to relatively maintain your shape even after giving birth :)

    thanks for joining GT! looking forward to seeing more of you in the coming weeks!

  3. Agree , you have a sexy legs. And the whole you is sexy!

    Here is mine :

  4. Korek si K, how I wish too, I often shave mine kasi grabe yung hair ko sa legs..ayaw ko na ng wax sakit to death... My GT Entry is here

  5. your lucky to have a very nice legs and a beautiful face too.

  6. Like what I have said on one of my comments to another GT entrants "when God showered the world with sexiness and curves, you were one of the people who were outside catching it, while I was inside our kulambo snoring" There would always be imperfection but who cares di ba? we just need to learn to love our body and not care about some flaws, otherwise, we won't be satisified at all.

  7. Ur lucky to have gorgeous feet like that. Mine are super big, more like a man's ones, sob. But luckily my face is pretty, so much attention doesn't fall on my ugly feet, LOL ~mwah

  8. hahaha... talgang Ayaw muna!!! haaha indeed Sis trulalo lahat ng sinabi mo... pero I also love your skin huh!!! flawless... heheh

    Happy Girls Talk

  9. wow ang sexy mo haps...

    parang lalo k ngang sumexy nung nanganak na ha.. hehe

    add ko to sa other blog ko..

  10. yun naman o! panalo amp! daming pwede heheh

  11. Kainggit ka naman. We were supposed to watch it last Saturday because Hubby got 2 free movie passes. Kaya lang we rescheduled it for this Friday. Nagkasakit kasi si Jam eh di ko naman maiwan sa bahay with yaya. Sana showing pa sya sa Friday. SM kasi changes the movie every Wednesday.

    Re: It's cold here in Baguio pero mainit sa Asin sis. It's located between Baguio and La Union kasi kaya warm ang weather dun, hindi gaano mainit. Yung water sa kiddie pool has the sulfur hot spring, and yes, mainit talaga ung water. :)

    I hope you visit Baguio someday.

    Lots of love,


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