Friday, July 02, 2010

Eclipse Date

Hubby and I had a movie date yesterday, we watched the third film of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse. I was excited ofcourse, we were suppose to watch the last full show, tonight, Friday but because of my friends bombarding me with their FB status on Eclipse, the plan changed - booked 2 tickets online instead for Thursday afternoon viewing. :) You see, it was the first screening day of Eclipse in SG while in Pinas, 29th of June. :) Late bloomer, Singapore! LOL

This is our picture at SuperDog, we ate our dinner first. The background is actually the building of our flat. Hehe. This is at Downtown East, the mall very near to our house. Isang kembot lang. :D

Booking number: 122362Cinema : Movie : *The Twilight Saga Eclipse Date/Time : Thursday, 01 Jul 2010, 18:15 (please note that showtimes are in 24-hour format) Ticket(s) : 0 Movie Line $8.50 Seat(s) Number : Ticket(s) Price: $17.00Booking Fee : $1.00 Total Payment : $18.00

I liked it but not too much! :) Can't wait for the DVD! LOL


  1. Yay so ur a fan of the saga too? High five! I also saw the movie yesterday and I was positively surprised that Eclipse is alredy showing here in Slovakia, cause we always have to wait a while, especially in our small town, hehe :) I only liked it a lot cause there were many scenes with Jacob in it and I'm totally having a crush on Taylor, but shssss, that's a secret, hahaha ~hugs

  2. yes i am! LOL. we'll watch again. hubby and i didnt like it but everyone said its excellent. haha.

    you like jacob? i like them both actually. bella, istatchoo? hehe.

    my english boss just texted me, "Jacob's abs don't make up for his dodgy nose. "


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