Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Need a new pram for Hershey

We were out these past few days, Saturday -Monday we were around Singapore. It was really tiring because aside from being a commuter, we also have to carry the 16.5 kgs baby when we are just on our foot, walking. She sometimes doesn't like to walk unless you tell her to run, Daddy is chasing! LOL. But adults can't really all the time in public, right? And she doesn't want her nanny to carry her, so it's really only me or her dad. *sigh*

So I talked to my daughter, telling her she's so heavy, mom and dad's arms feel numbed most of the time when we carry her so she must consider riding on a pram again. I am seriously thinking through this as she also had a fever since last night, i think because she was also exhausted and got sick when we got home. Atleast if she's on a pram, she can sit down comfortably or sleep if she likes (but sleeping on a pram is not her thing)

Hershey had used 3 prams/strollers so far. The first one is a Combi Machanacal, an orange pram given by my very good friend, Princess but unfortunately we lost it- left it in the cab.
 Before we lost the Combi, I bought her an umbrella type  Cosco stroller from Toys R Us. It was very light weight. It was a really an ideal stroller until we left it on the cab again.


And again before we lost the umbrella stroller, Hershey had her very famous to most of my friends, my super la-love  Quinny Buzz. :) This is the only pram she can sleep on. But unfortunately again, I sold it after 5 months usage because she doesn't want to ride on it anymore. Just that, one day, she doesn't want it at all. It was really sad to let go and sell it more than half the price.

Now, I'm contemplating on buying another one. We looked for one yesterday but most of the prams just hold kids up to 40 lbs and Hershey is almost 17kgs now.
We were at Mums&Babes yesterday and I saw the below,

Looks nice, right? :) My husband told H to not try to say yes when I asked her if she wants it because no doubt, she'll gonna ride home with it. LOL. Good thing, there was something that stopped me, problem is, it can only hold kids up to 40 lbs else you have to upgrade the tires. Tsk! Hassle!

Or maybe Zapp 2009? *Sigh* Most of the pram we checked are only ideal for children 40 lbs. That's not fair! But before I buy anything, I have to consult first the one who'll ride on it if she likes it or not. She already said yes, so let's see.

I pray that the Lord will show me the best pram for the little one. Sooonnn....


  1. yaman! check mo mars if she will really wanna use it kasi sayang.. buti na lang si rob di nahilig jan.. pero good luck naman paguran sa karga heheh

  2. me atleast for you you have a car. e dito, di naman pwede all the time cab esp malayuan and walang tricycle dito. waah.

    naku. goodluck din. rob is tabachoy din kasi. LOL

  3. super hi tech looking but still only up to 40 lbs. prams are so expensive but must pa din. my via doesn't want to walk when we're out. so we have to bring a stroller otherwise carry, carry. :)

  4. ^ agree. i hate the carry, carry! haha. what stroller is Via using?

    keeping my fingers crossed. dapat may magustuhan sya.

  5. via's using an umbrella stroller. easy to open and close :) but she prefers carry pa din :) test drive muna ang stroller, mahal pa naman :)

  6. ^ we got an umbrella stroller na din. very cheap. im happy. hehe


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