Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our New Adobe Chronicles : Buying a flat in SG update : My husband's POV

In continuation to our new adobe saga, with the help of my hubby, I will be able to update my blog on that. Here's some of his post from a local forum.

Posted 02 August 2014 - 12:07 AM
Hi folks! Been reading Renovation Blogs for months now and decided to also share mine! We are a simple PR couple with 2 cute daughters living in your lovely country for 6 years now. We decided to look for our own home due to sky high prices of rental fee and relocating every 1 or  2 years is a NIGHTMARE! For those who were renting before will know how it feels.  :no: Anyhow... enough about myself and start with some information with our new home!  :thumbs up: 
We were living most of life in Pasir Ris and we just love it due to (I think) smaller population, lots of nice local people, near the beach, Airport, clean, relatively safe (?), our Church is here as well as our family and friends hence, we did not even think about other district. Our main preference in our home is, it should be CORNER LOT (for privacy) and near DOWNTOWN EAST (for late night movies. HAHA) , VERY BRIGHT and with Balcony area that's it. Our property agent was pretty ok with helping us though, most of the time, it was our own effort in looking on the Property sites on the internet for the houses we need to view. I think we almost visited at least 25 homes before we decided on this. Got the keys 1 day in advance on the 28th! Started the renovation on the 30th of July! Soooo stoked...  :jammin: 
See the floorplan below, it's pretty ok ... we are currently living in an Executive Apartment rental HDB so, this is noticeably smaller but, not complaining at all, we experienced living in a 2 room hdb flat before so... this is all good. We just feel blessed that we finally have a home of our own for my kids to play and mess around. Floor size is 127 sqm, corner lot, low floor..
  • The study/ bedroom doesn't have a wall so we will be using this as a Dining Area. We don't need a 4 bedroom anyway. 
  • Kitchen area is a bit small and does not have any service yard like the new BTOs. It is also quite odd that it has 2 entrance! So we will close the entrance near the storage and create a glass wall to make it more nicer and brighter.
  • Master bedroom is just ok... it is rectangular so we will just have to do with what space we have
  • The room adjacent to it will be for my young 6 years old kid and maid.
  • Other common room is just for guests.  :D

 Here are some of the pre-renovated photos!

  Design. We initially does not have any clue.. me and my wife discussed that we are NOT really into those popular modern Scandinavian theme or anything to do with modern! LOL. Nope... we are not old, we're just in our early 30s. What inspired us are those HDB Malay Houses.... there's just this attractiveness with kampong 'old' style look in their home. We used to live in a 4rm flat Malay house we were renting and the Landlady decorated her home with some Jewels, Rattan swings, lots of Mirrors and Lattice Windows. THIS IS WHAT WE WANTED... old style, and a touch of country/ classic look. 
And end quote.

Blessings ♥

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