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Our New Adobe Chronicles : Buying a flat in SG update : My husband's POV 2 - Choosing the Interior Designer

 Choosing the Interior Designer/ Contractor. This was a strenuous and exciting part of our renovation process. I think we have met and engaged via e-mail around 12-15 IDs before finalizing our decision.

I will provide my very honest opinion and do note that this is just my own personal experience and must never reflect the overall reputation of the company. This SHOULD NOT deter your decision if you are already in the midst of discussion with them. We are just very keen (is the word kiasu?) on this since we have a very limited budget of 35K and I need to be 100% sure that we chose the correct one. Your experience will of course vary!

Just PM me if you need my comments and experience with the IDs below  :notti:

    D*n from 3D Interior
    Y*ka from Superhome Design
    Sha*ow P*n of Leef Deco
    Jo*n*y from **
    E*na C*en from i-Bridge Design -
    Er*c H**ng from Homestyle Design
    De*n*s from Decomark
    R*n from NID Design Studio
    R*n from Top Design & Renovation
    I*a* from Eirado Design & Co
    A*v*n A* - Matrix Concept -
    J*h*ny from Scycreation + DC
    B*nja*in from Form&Space
    K*vin Contractor

 ... etc... some I forgot, some just those who dropped me an SMS or message via PM  but, didn't get back to me

 whew long post! now... the best of the best IDs coming up...  :jammin:
These are the best IDs that we got in touch with and you cannot go wrong with any of them!

E**ie from Faith Interior Design - One of the very first ID we met. Young guy... I think almost the same age as me. Very cool, enthusiastic, polite yet straight to the point! very well prepared in our first meeting... lots of design ideas. Very professional... I like also that their name is FAITH  :notti: This is the benchmark of all the IDs that we were looking for...

     The only thing that deterred us to take his services is the high quote he was giving us. He adjust the budget but had to cut some measurements like making the feature wall from 8ft to 6ft, Cutting some corners... etc.. They also had a kitchen/ toilet package that we can justify with the price. I think he quoted me around 15K ++... just for that alone... and whatever items you are adding in kitchen, then additional cost will of course incur.

 Andr*w from Designer Guy - This is an excellent top notch, ID. Lots of good reviews in the forum and I have seen his actual work when he let me visit one of the flat he just renovated. He is those guys that you can laugh with and easy to get along... only thing is, Language Barrier... when he first called me up, I really had difficulties understanding & conversing with him. We think that this could cause an issue when we need to explain what we wanted... there are also numerous times that he  keeps on bashing other ID that I'm feeling uncomfortable. His initial price was sky high but, managed to go down to 30K ... still a very very hard decision when we had to let him go because of the iD below.  :dunno:  :(

THE WINNER! :good:   Design4space!! We are still in the process of renovating so. I will reserve my overall judgment of the name of the ID but, so far all ok. This is a combination of Faith and DG's attitude. We like him that he is very keen into details, very easy to converse with and professional in dealing with us. We only spoke on the phone and when I 1st met up with him, he indeed remembered and wrote down all the details! Quote is also reasonable and with a discount LOL. mhc

Blessings ♥

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