Thursday, June 19, 2014

Our New Adobe Chronicles : Buying a flat in SG update 4

9th of June 2014, we had our first appointment with the HDB Customer Relations Manager. It was successful and we already received a confirmation letter from them that we are now clear to proceed to Our last and final appointment which will be this July where the keys will be handed over to us. I really cant wait, mah! ⌛️

Every weekend we are out and about looking for appliances and furniture. It's exciting but at the same time really tiring! We had our eyes on a dining table + chairs for a couple of weeks now, we just can't decide sooner because we were waiting for the best timing but it's been too long and the store is willing to give discount anyway and so we just decided to buy it and have it scheduled for delivery end of August. We are looking to finish the renovation in hopefully 5 weeks time. Two of the IDs that we have shortlisted said that the reno would go beyond 4 weeks which means we will need to stay a week more on our current rented flat or move in to the new house with still some carpentry to finish. Still contemplating but I guess we really don't have a choice, do we?

On our list of the things to do is to visit renovation stores like the last time we visited Soon Bee huat a tile shop in Eunos. We were overwhelmed with the choices. They're a lot! 

And then yesterday, one of our shortlisted IDs brought us to another tile shop with much more wider choices! We don't know what to choose anymore. 

   We have a lot of tiling to do so we would need to carefully choose the best with the price that we can afford. As usual we don't want to go overboard.  

 As for the house furnishing, we have visited of course IKEA, Courts Tampines, Harvey Norman and Gain City - our list of choices are getting longer. So far its only the dining table that we technically have bought, still a long way to go! :_)
Samahan kami ng Diyos.

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