Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moving Up: Buying a flat in SG

Hi again.

I've mentioned from my post almost a year ago that because our major plan didn't flourish, we instead decided to have a 2nd child and now that the cute baby is here, we are moving on to the family major plan. :) Mabuti ang Diyos.

These past few weeks we have been stressed and tired viewing and choosing our prospect flats to buy. Choosing our own place is not as easy as 1-2-3. Unlike finding a flat to rent, buying our own took us to a higher level of stress! Ha ha. We viewed a total of 12 units I guess, and on the last days we shortlisted 4, down to 3 and then 2. It was all pressure when we decided to view again one of the two units shortlisted. Marvin after another thorough tour decided we get '231' we tried to haggle but then after a while I was already asked to issue a check for the option fee(Step 2: Sellers grant the OTP to you. Sellers will grant an Option to you, to buy the resale flat at the agreed resale price)

I can't believe that we, my husband mainly, have already decided which flat to lay our savings and all. Before our 2nd viewing, he was still mentioning that he would go for the other one but after weighing the pros and cons, '231' won even after we were informed that the seller of the other unit have decided to slash another 5k on their price. That wasn't easy you know. :)
So that special Easter Sunday, we have chosen our adobe to be. Now we are busy meeting the best interior design and construction company for the flat renovation. Basta, as per a blog I read, I WANT A HOUSE NOT A SHOWROOM! :)
God bless us more on this new level of our lives.

Blessings ♥

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