Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tsukada Nojo : Japanese Restaurant

Last week I met with my high school friends to have a mini reunion dinner before our long weekend holiday begins - Gong Xi Fa Cai! I thought of finding a good deal at Groupon, buffet dinner perhaps, but was so busy with other stuff so didnt have the time to research further. I instead suggested we dine at Tsukada Nojo, a Japanese restaurant in Plaza Singapura. Been there twice already because friends are working there - first, we got invited to its soft opening last year and second was a dinner treat by Ate Pinky.

The food is irresistibly delicious. They boast their Bijin Nabe soup -  a milky, savory pot of colleagen-rich organic chicken broth which served in jelly like texture then melts in the heat of the pot. With prawns, vegetables, mushrooms and chunks of chicken to add in - it makes the taste simply heavenly. Take my words, the taste is just perfect.

I think the price is $25 per person and this is good for two so it is $50. This I am not sure, please check with the resto. :) This already includes 1 order of noodles but we still ordered 1 bowl of rice each. HAHAHA

And then as my friend is excited to taste everything in the menu, I recommended we try first the nikumaki unigiri before we get so full. :) Nikumaki unigiri is a rice ball wrapped with thinly sliced meat and topped with cheese, chili and the likes. Sarap di ba? Deym! kakagutom! haha.

So kung may rice na dun for the soup+chicken+veggies plus this, well goodluck! hahaha. Bundat!

Hershey trying to put on the chicken minced meat to the soup.

This is the gang :)
My daughter loves it here very much. She finished 1 and half cup of Japanese rice.  Hee hee. Love to see her enjoy good food :)

We will come back here again soon. Soon, very soon. Watch me!

Blessings ♥

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