Monday, January 28, 2013

I wish I have nice skin :)

Some people are blessed with nice skin. Men or women who doesn't need interventions of a specialist to look pleasing without make up. I AM not part of that population. Ha ha. Sadly, I was not gifted with poreless skin. Instead I am suffering with pigmentation, uneven skin tone all over my face. Sometimes, I call myself dalmatian. Ha ha! Urrgh! I hate these freckles!

It is really not obvious on some of my photos but really, they are there. I have been contemplating on sitting down and have a beauty expert take care of my face (to be clear, my skin. haha) but because I am prudent (naks, mahirap kamo!) I always end up cancelling my appointment. Kasi naman ang mahal dito sa Singapore, dollars ang presyo! Well, of course! Try going home to the Philippines to undergo all these - the price would be the same or more, including your airfare. Deym! I'm already talking to myself. Kakaloka!

I think I really need to decide now. Found a blog which discussed about the experience with David Lo Surgery. I think I will give it a try. I called their clinic this afternoon making sure the price is right. Ha ha. I just want to make sure I can afford their services before going there, of course. The clinic offers Obagi facial packages. I have noted the price and I think I can do it. Obagi is my best bet! Ha Ha. I have scheduled an appointment on Saturday!

Sana nga ito na! I wish I won't have cold feet! I just want to feel good about myself, confident with my face (SKIN! Ha ha).

The Lord bless me! 

Blessings ♥

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