Friday, August 10, 2012

School Field trip - Alone.

Just recently, my daughter joined her class for a field trip. Daddy was contemplating at first who's gonna go with the child but I told him no mom or dad or Manang will be with the kid this time. He was like, "Oh, no no that's not going to happen." Ha ha! So for days we didn't sign the Consent letter yet because he was thinking seriously about it. He called school and asked for details about the trip. The Principal said there's no need to panic as the child will be in good hands. They are old enough to travel just be with the teachers on occasions like this. Did I hear it right? Old??? Duh!

I asked H if she wants and the baby, (please note Princy, its baby) said she wants to as everyone in the class will be there. With hesitation I said yes but I filed for leave of absence from work so I can personally bring her to school.

I was a supportive but a nervous Mommy. I told her to please take care, be with the teacher all the time, hold hands with her classmates, etc. I was almost crying. Ha ha! The teacher then told me, "She's gonna be okay" and then I cried right there. The other parents was comforting me. I was so ashamed of myself but I can't help it, really. Hee Hee.


The whole time I was just home praying and praying. I pray that she is always fine, that she is enjoying, having fun and safe. I waited for hours until the time I fetch her from school. I was so happy to see her after that. When she saw me outside school waiting for her she told me, "I missed you mom. Thanks for being here." I cried again.

Emo!!!!! Whatever. I just praise God that my daughter is safe and happy that she was able to experience this.

Blessings ♥

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