Friday, August 24, 2012

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary at Universal Studios Singapore

We were totally unprepared for our wedding anniversary celebration this year. What happened last year was recorded here. It was only few days before the date when I remembered its nearing. I tried to file a leave of absence but unfortunately was denied so we dont have a choice but to stay in town and do the usual anniversary things couple do. :) Spa? Dinner? Staycation in a hotel? Karaoke? Hmmmm... When I asked the dear husband, he said its up to me but added, he thinks it is about time to check out USS.

You see, I never really thought of going inside USS. We occasionally visit Sentosa and have our pictures taken at RWS and the Universal Studios globe outside, but never really considered experiencing USS. I think the ticket is expensive but every year we go out of the country and visit some other amusement parks in Asia. I'm not too excited and in a hurry to see it, it's just in Singapore anyway. We invited few friends, booked together with our travel/gimik buddies and it's confirmed - We will be celebrating our wedding anniversary at the USS Singapore. Must be fun! Unfortunately, on the day itself, my kumareng Rocky canceled because of work reason. That's sad but we understand. Til next time. :)

After spending less than 8 hours at USS, my verdict, 6/10 overall enjoyment. In short, so so. :) sorry for the fans but I am no fan to adrenalin riser rides. I'm no thrill seeker. I felt tired hiding and closing my eyes just every time. I don't like being surprised, I don't like being scared... Frankenstein went infront of me and the first thing that came to my mind was to punch him but I felt Hershey pulling me away from Franky. When the monster was gone, Hershey tried to calm herself saying that F is a good guy, he's a friend of the chipmunks. Really? LOL. 

We were just half way through the fan parks and Hershey wants to go home already. hahaha. I never heard her say this in Disneyland or in Everland in Seoul before. Bought some souvenirs, watched the parade and out before 7PM. If I would be ask if I want to go back again, it depends but this is not something I would wish to go back to.

It was tiring but a nice experience for the 3 of us. Marvin rode the Galactica Cylon I think 100x times. Hahaha. Single rider = express lane. :)Thank you Lord for blessing our marriage. Glory to you for a happy family. — in Honeyversary at USS <3 .="." p="p">

Blessings ♥

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  1. Happy Anniversary ...sarap namang mamasyal sa SG ;)

  2. Happy 5th wedding anniv sa inyong 2! Cute cute namn ni Hershey dun sa pic na kiniss sya ni betty boop!

  3. Happy 5th wedding anniversary sa inyo! :) You sure had fun celebrating it at USS ^^ By the way, napansin ko yung wedge sandals mo, aylayk! :)

  4. Eto yung Tinkerbelle posts. Niece ko yun di ko anak. hehe! Rockstar party naman yung susunod nyang bday theme sa nov.
    Tinkerbelle Party

  5. Im sorry anney. hahaha. :) niece, noted. Salamat dear


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