Friday, July 08, 2011

We've moved house - again!

Yes we did and it was not fun at all. We were very tired these couple of days because we had to pack and unpack things, fix stuff, do some decorating to make the house a cozy home. I wish we have our own flat so we will be spared from the hassle of moving - nevertheless, thank you God for providing us with a small but beautiful house.

We had our house dedication last Thursday. Some members of the music ministry plus the elders joined us. I prepared pasta and nachos for dinner, ice cream for dessert. I know the food weren't too much, please forgive me as we were only days old in our current place, i dono where to buy the food i originally had in mind. But thank God everyone enjoyed what we prepared.

Kuya Jun shared the Word Of God through the story of King Solomon, how he gave importance to building of God's temple, how he desired the Lord to stay and live with them through His holy and magnificent temple. And with that the Lord was with Israel as promised. Like us, we are also dedicating our new house to the works of the Lord, whatever it maybe, for His glory. With 3 points to live by,

1. That the Lord will watch over your house night and day.
2. There will be no famine and diseases that could enter the house.
3. There will be plenty of blessings in Jesus name.

How kewl is that? :) And all we have to do is claim the prayers, done in His name. On the event that these bad forces pass by our home and family, we just have to go back to that prayer we claimed we received and He will not let it through.

That is my husband leading the Praise and Worship with my niece Mariel and my daughter. :D Sadly this is the only picture I took. I was so busy that night that I had no time to take pictures.

May the Lord's goodness be upon you and me, always.

Blessings ♥

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  1. Thanks for sharing those three points :) I pray the same for our new home too - and that may always be the head of our family. God bless!


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