Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Blues

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Do you feel tired and the most sleepy on a Monday morning? Feels like you can't get off the bed, you drag yourself up, make it to the shower but your mind and body still want to just snuggle your sheets and your pillows. I think some of us must have been thinking of a good excuse not to go to work while trying to keep up. That is the struggle on a Monday.

Actually right now [and to most of my Mondays] I fee really really tired and sleepy. If given a chance to doze off on my workstation, I will but I am seated 2 computers away from our boss, I am stationed few steps away the entrace, so, neah, not really the best and safest spot to satisfy myself.

They say that there is a scientific explanation with this Monday morning blues. From it says,"Our internal clocks naturally operate on a day that is longer than 24 hours. By the time Monday rolls around each week, we've built up a sleep deficit of at least an hour. Of course, the weekend revelries and facing another work week don't help matters." Getting over weekends is not that simple and Monday as the first day of the working week is distressed.

I've read several tips to fight the Monday blues and I agree with all of them but I don't think I have faithfully done those each morning and so the result, me ranting now! LOL

Still thank God for Mondays, we cannot skip the days so Monday has to come so we can welcome the weekends. At least we've got only 4 days left and I want to be inspired by that fact.

Enjoy Monday, everyone!

Blessings ♥

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