Monday, March 21, 2011

A little Update from the not so active blogger

I've been on and off blogging these past weeks. I just can't actually think of a good topic to discuss to - equals no post. My daughter's birthday party preparation and in laws coming over for vacation have occupied my mind and my daily activities. I could have blog about it, I tried to, made drafts but eventually deleted them. Parang wala lang simula at katapusan mga gawa ko.

So the party was over and as I've posted on my  little update, it was successful. well, the kids primarily enjoyed. My daughter enjoyed. She loves all her gifts and plans her next party next year. My husband says we will give her a party on her 4th but I'm thinking twice. I might plan to go abroad instead.

Last Friday boss celebrated his birthday with us, a wine for him. Cheers! I finish the half full glass of white wine. Love it. Loved the feeling that I felt belonged again because I never attend dinner parties since. I am just not comfortable.

Today, I am invited for a dinner again. I want to join them. I will try my best to join them tonight. I must be socially active, I know but I am very very sleepy. I was tired from yesterday (sunday) activities.

Whatever it brings, God's will be done.

Blessings ♥


  1. what kind of work do u do? i like your skirt alot. :) party party lang pag kaya pa.

  2. hey reena, trading support. :)

    thank you. bought it on sale. hehe

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