Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby # 2

I was inspired to blog about having a baby after reading Niko's entry about her pregnancy! Before anything else, again, congratulations Niko!

Nobody knows yet (many will now) but hubby and I are contemplating on having our 2nd child lately and we are already 50% decided. hehehe There are just factors that we are considering, topping the list is our finances - budget wise although we can afford but having another child would affect our expenses. The other night my dear husband was counting the months when I give birth if I'll get pregnant March then it's December, he said that surely we will just be at home on his birthday or on Christmas if so. It's just that we are planning to visit South Korea on his birthday this November but if the baby is coming this year or early next, then we have to move our plan. Are we selfish in that case? Uhmmm... Well... I dono. 

Hershey is also a bit uncomfortable about this being a big sister thing. She doesn't want us to call her ate. Like the other night I told her, Ate Hershey will sleep now and she cried (fake, arte lang) saying, "I don't want Ate Hershey! Call me Baby, mom!" LOL. When we mention about having a baby boy, she always says that the baby will sleep on the other room while Hershey stays with us. Sigh. But having another baby would also give the best effect to Hershey. I say so because Hershey has an attitude of being a brat most of the time so many have said that if she get to have a little brother or sister, she will be more responsible. I'd like to believe that.

Husband dear is really serious to have another child, he says so "we're a real family!" LOL. I asked him to explain but his statement but he couldn't. haha. Well, for me if not this year, next year would also be fine as I don't want to get pregnant when I am already 30 years old. So we can retire early. :)

So I am hoping for the best, whenever the next baby comes. I know the Lord will make the timing perfect as He makes all things beautiful in His time.

Blessings ♥

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