Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yaya is kawawa

Hershey's yaya, Sheila, is having a tooth ache for the past weeks now. I told her I'll bring her to the dentist but upon knowing the consultation + tooth extraction may cost more or less 200 Sgd (P6250) she doesn't want to. Sayang daw. If that is her decision, it's fine. If she can endure the pain until she goes back to the Phils the S$200 dental fee will just be given to her instead. So she agreed. The table below shows the dental fees for locals/PRs and foreigners in a government clinic. Sheila is a foreigner and once she enters the clinic she will be charged consultation + extraction fees. The fees increase if she goes to a private clinic which is our choice if ever since this is nearer our place.
But now the pain is back. She has been tolerating it for the past 3 days now. We have a dentist friend who told her it's okay and just take Panadol which is 50% pain reliever. My concern is, what if she'll get infected. Her left gum is already swollen although she said today there is no more pain.

Marvin decided to just bring her to the dentist. So later at 6 PM she will have tooth extraction. I hope it won't cost too much. I hope she will be okay after this.

Good luck and bye bye tooth ache!

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  1. her appointment was cancelled as her gums are swollen so she was advised to take antibiotic first + mefenamic then go back once the swelling is gone.


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