Thursday, April 07, 2016

Fridge them not

Hey you house makers like me! Do you know that there are certain food that should not be putting on the fridge? When we do our groceries, it's been a norm to put all easily perishable items on the fridge to preserve them but there are some which we don't have to. 

You can google about this rule on the kitchen but what I have on my lists are potatoes, onions, ginger, bread, garlic are some of those. But where to store them so they wont be a clutter on your kitchen? There are a lot of storage ideas from Pinterest but if you want the basic container, a rattan basket would be good.  

As for me, I originally used my glass bowl. It looked okay at first but when we have a lot, it just cannot contain them all until I saw this stainless basket from Howards. I think it looks better and holds more. Now it's neat. 

You agree?

You agree?

Blessings ♥

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