Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Halle is ONE!

Halle is ONE!

Last December 01,2014 - my little baby turned one. We had dinner at home together with our family. My mother and sister in law were with us so we are very happy to celebrate it with them. 

We prepared a simple dinner, Filipino food like pansit and spaghetti for long life. Haha.

Here are some of our family photos. 

And then on the 6th of Dec, Saturday, we celebrated her birthday again with a party  this time with more family and friends. 

My elder daughter Hershey has been planning for Halle's party. She suggested the theme and worked with me on some decorations. Since the Frozen movie is the hottest pick for birthday theme for children this day, we didn't miss that too but I dont want it to be too much 'frozeny'. I wanted it with a twist so thought of making it a Winter ONEderland. Thanks to all the shared ideas of mommies over the internet. 

Everything is DIY. Its really exhausting and time consuming but all worth it when you hear how people appreciate what you did. 

Photos here. 
And yes we had Elsa. I really made sure Elsa would be Caucasian. Haha. Para feel talaga. And there she is... Lol

We thank the Lord for giving Halle to us. We thank the Lord for being too good gifting us the cutest baby that day of Dec 1st. 

We love you Halle. May you grow and live by your name. Halle-lujah!

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  1. ang ganda mommy , how cute !
    the decorations , cakes , and the most , Elsa ! who is she mommy Missus ?


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