Monday, May 05, 2014

Buying flat in SG : Update 2

Hello there.

The major project is still on going, were just having delays because it took weeks for HDB (Housing and Development Board) to release the valuation report for the unit we chose which we will base our mortgage loan + total cashout upon completion. While we were waiting, we also used this time to "think and decide whether we really want to buy the flat". As the HDB website suggests, Step 3: Make use of the Option period to review the purchase and we have decided. Now that the valuation report is out, we are waiting for the schedule of our "First Appointment".

The HDB will send a letter to both the buyer and the seller confirming the date and time of their First Appointment to process their purchase/sale transaction. If either the buyer or the seller does not turn up for the First Appointment, the resale transaction will be cancelled. (source)

And of course, we didn't miss this opportunity to meet with some contractor/interior design companies.We already have spoken to quite a few, we are weighing who is the best and we already have some favorites in terms of ideas, customer rapport and price. We will be meeting with a few more so we'll see.

Nothing else to say but PRAISE THE LORD!

Blessings ♥

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