Thursday, November 28, 2013

38 weeks

Haaayzzz it's been weeks since my last post. I was not on hiatus, I actually have drafts but wasn't able to publish them because I'm always lazy but today, hurray! I am on my 38th week! waaaah! I should be giving birth soon. I want it really soon.

My concerns:

1) The baby is growing fast. I'm afraid I cant let her out naturally if she's fat. My qouta is only 6.5lbs and I'm serious!

2) Since were going home to the PH next year, I want her to be mature enough by that time so having her earlier now means she's bigger when our travel date comes.

3) My maternity leave starts on Monday, I want to make use of my free days being physically with her, holding her and already taking care of her. Weird though, I think I can do all these even when she's inside me anyway. Haha.

Here I am at 38 weeks. On Saturday, we will see our doctor again and I really hope to give birth SUPER SOON!

The Lord help me. :) 

Blessings ♥

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