Friday, August 16, 2013

Braxton hicks at 23 weeks

Before I fully reached my 23rd week of pregnancy, I had a little panic first. Wednesday afternoon at 3PM, I have been feeling pain in my lower abdomen which concerned me because it never subside until the evening. I rested when I reached home after work but even after dinner I still feel the pain on my lower back and abdomen, so for my peace of mind, I decided to just proceed to the hospital.

I was with my husband, our daughter and her yaya. Family trip? LOL. We reached the hospital before 10pm but when the nurses knew the pain started at 3PM, they asked me with frustration why I only thought of going to the hospital now. I should have went there straight when I felt the pain. Oh well, I'm here now, lets do the test.


My OB was monitoring me, getting updates from nurses every 30 minutes. I had CTG for fetal heartbeat (cardio-) and the uterine contractions (-toco-) monitoring. I also had urine test and was given Ventolin to help stop contraction.

ME feeling sleepy but not worried because I prayed to my God for the safety of my child

After almost 4 hours of lying down with the CTG on my tummy I was discharged by my OBGY. The contraction was controlled in the last hours that there was no more pain at all. Praise the Lord! I was asked to meet my doctor this coming Saturday to check me again thoroughly.

See you on the scan tomorrow, Baby Pea! Hang on there and just be healthy. Still got a long way to go.

Mwah. Love you.

Blessings ♥

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