Thursday, May 30, 2013

12 weeks

Hi there!

From this I am now on my 12th week. Surprise! Yes, I've been to the OB many times already and since then it's confirmed I'm carrying baby # 2. How's that? Cool, ya?

Baby Peanut is a planned baby. We thought we could have him/her later this year after our major plan is done but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstance, major plan was moved to next year and I can't wait to get pregnant anymore. If it has to happen now, then let it be. What if major plan will be moved again? Gosh, I'm already old by then. So we prayed and the Lord opened my womb one more time. Haha.

Only few friends and families have known. I'm not excited to post it really on FB. I am actually planning to keep it a secret and then just post my baby's picture when he/she's out. Nyehehehe.

So far, its been a not so easy first trimester. My vomiting is worst. I feel very tired all the time and I having cramps which is a serious thing. On my 7th week, I was suggested to stay home so I had to bed rest for 9 days. It was fine, it really helped me cope with the difficulties. I became a full time mom to Hershey. Hehe. I wake up with her, help Manang prepare her for school, bring and pick her up from school and play with her. I just feel bored when she's not around - that's 5 hours in 5 days Kinder 1 class.

I went back to work feeling energized but the nausea and vomiting never really stopped. Do I have a choice? I have to endure. I was given some meds but really didnt help much. And it's a personal choice not to upgrade my med dosage or add more capsules because I think this is normal anyway and it's a priviledge to have experienced this. Never really had this with my 1st born before.

As of today, I already lost 2.5kgs in 3 months but thank God baby is okay. We had our monthly check up last week and at 11 weeks we already saw baby galloping. Baby Pea is like swimming but doesn't leave his place. Haha. That was so cute! A very active child.

I want to thank the Lord for this blessing. We're so happy. Hershey is very excited she always talk to the baby and pray for him.

Been checking some stuff, like strollers, hospitals, clothes but I guess still too early. :) Let's see in the next coming weeks.

See you again, I plan to update my blog often. I love this moment of my life.

Blessings ♥

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