Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mom has / had cancer

Its been more than a year since my mother bid farewell to us and the world. She had liver cancer and was on the 4th stage when we found out. It was a well lived life and I AM 100% sure that she is in heaven now so I am okay with that part. BUT, I will NEVER be okay, really. I miss her everyday but again and again I thank the Lord that He is always there to comfort me whenever I feel down.

Few months back I saw a child with her mother. Her mom wears a pretty scarf to cover hair loss, looks thin with restless eyes. I felt sad. I was with Hershey then. I told her that the kid's mom is sick like Nanay but let's pray she wins over it because her child is still small (7 or 8 maybe) it's still early to go.

The mom and kid looked happy. She was pointing stuff from a store asking her child if she wants it. They laugh and smile as they walk. I have to stop. I can't take the pain and sadness of the future they may have.  The girl was still young to lose a mom.

With that I was thankful. I had my mom for 29 years, she lived a fulfilled 68 years of her life. She was complete. She was happy. She may not see my future anymore and can't attend on Hershey's graduation, birthdays, etc but she is better and on the best place now. I am happy to know that.

To all moms who are fighting against cancer, my heart and prayer goes to all of you. God bless you.

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Blessings ♥

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