Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Outdoor Fun at Pulau Ubin

Pasir Ris park or Changi beach park must already be a boring spot to enjoy outdoor activities for these people that for many times now, they have been spending overnight at a place where it is not reachable by bus or cab anymore but only by boat. Extra challenge, that is. For me, the place is a lot better than those parks nearby our HDB houses, really. It is a small island and is located in north east end of Singapore, Pulau Ubin is the place to be. With its 1020 hectares of land area, you got a handful of great activities to do there. With its forest covered with fruit bearing trees, you may add rambutan, jackfruit or durian tree climbng as one of them. The boys actually got a big plastic full of rambutan before the sun set which was shared to all.

With the help of Mike A, Kuya Jun and the rest of the "grill" masters, we had andok's lechon right in front of us. It was a delish lunch of grilled pork and chicken dipped in native sawsawan prepared by RR. Of course, aside from grilled food, they also prepared adobo, boiled egg, miswa / chicken soup, tomatoes and onions to boost our appetite. 

And as usual, these people of Barkadahan Kay Kristo never fails to do it. Masters of mouth watering food, in deed.

They did kayaking, biking and "crabbing". Haha. I went with them to see how they do "crabbing" but unfortunately it was low tide and crabs were a bit shy, we were not able to get even one. Kill joy, crabs!

I "biked". I already forgot the last time I rode on a bike but twas fun to rediscover that skill. We also rented a bike for Hershey. She had a hard time doing it at first but eventually "biked" herself. She loved the experience riding with her cousins and friends. So she asked if she can get her own bike on her birthday, told her to pray for that. The Lord will decide. :)

Of course how can I forget to mention we had s'mores. S'mores what? Yeah. :) The young people specially loved it.

And the boys had a great random game. The ambassadors versus LTrainees had dodge ball. :) Was fun!

It was a great time to be with these people again. It has been long since we had an outdoor gathering. Hope there will be more of it and more friends to join next time. Looking forward and praying for an enjoyable "fellowship-ing" next time.

Blessings ♥

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  1. Gusto ko yung way ng pag ihaw ihaw! Bigla namn ako natakam!

  2. aliw si bata batuta! :) laki na nia mars!

  3. Sa divisoria ko binili yung gievaways. Natyempuhan ko lang at perfect sa theme. Pati mga game prizes dun din except sa decals sa CDR king ko nabili. Dami naman talaga dun sa Divi basta maglilibot ka lang.


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