Monday, May 28, 2012

Fever fever go away

Hershey was sick last week. It started with a not so frequent cough, it stopped for a while but then last Monday (21st) fever has surfaced. When I arrived home from work, the nanny told me that the kid was very warm and her eyes are watery. We still have few bottles of medicine we got from the Children's hospital last last week (due to cough, no fever) and told manang Jiji to just continue giving them to H. I took care of the little kid the whole time but we keep on waking up in the middle of the night because of the persistent cough and high fever.

At 3AM this is how she looked like. i sent the picture to my colleagues in the States and UK, see guys, I cant come to work, baby is down with fever 39.5 right now.

I gave her Ibuprofen and continuously wipe her with cold damp cloth and leave one on her forehead. This helps a lot. Good thing about H is that she likes drinking water so I don't have a problem increasing fluid intake.

This is what she looked like at 1:30 in the afternoon. Sweet smile despite of the high fever. <3

We continued the routine medicine but up until 7PM the next day, the fever has not gone down. That was when I decided to bring her to the hospital.

She was given new set of fever medicine, new cough syrup, zyrtec for runny nose and antibiotics. Im thankful to the Lord that today, she is already well.

Blessings ♥

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  1. hope she feeling better soon. i know how hard it is especially our kids sick..

  2. it is so heartbreaking to see sick kids :( glad Hershey is feeling better now :)

  3. It's always a worry when our little ones are poorly.
    I'm glad that Hershey is feeling better. Take care hun =)

  4. I hope she feels better, sis! She's a very good patient... I'm sure she'll recover fast!

    Spanish Pinay

  5. Good to know she feels better na. Buti nlng she likes to drink water.

  6. Good to know that she gets better.

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