Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Something NEW

Today, I want to post something light. Nothing important, I was just happy to get a new lunch bag. Mababaw lang. Ha Ha.

We had our usual weekend grocery shopping at Giant Supermarket last Saturday. There are really disadvantages when you shop from big stores, always, you end up buying the 'not so needed' things and one of those were our lunch bags.

We were looking for nothing on the food storage section when our maid blunted, "Kailangan nyo na Sir ng bagong Lock&Lock" In short, our lunch boxes are old and doesn't look quiet good, according to our dear maid. Ha Ha. We really didn't think about that but napag isip ako. E nagagamit pa naman e, bakit ba?! LOL.

So we were looking and looking until I found something at the very top of the display. It's the Lock&Lock lunch bags. We checked out the display and found that they are of really good quality.

We found gray and black bag colors. I got the gray bag which has 3 350ml rectangular containers, the 3rd one has dividers on it,  I use it to store my fruit (grapes and fruit cocktail), the other 2 are for the rice and adobo. :D

 Hubbydub got the black bag with the same containers inside. Some has Lock&Lock water bottle but I don't like that as I normally use my mug/water in the office.

The carrying bag is insulated with zipper and handles. It is also smart to carry. Safe for dishwasher, freezer and microwave. the display price is 24.99SGD but we were happy to know it is discounted to 17.99sgd upon payment - I don't know why.

It is surely a happy meal with our new lunch bags. :D

Safety cautions from here:
1.When using the microwave, be sure to keep all of the locks open (If left locked, the product may explode due to excessive steam build up).
2.Hot food may cause air to expand and result in inferior lockage. Store food in a container after food has cooled off. Be careful especially when you open a container containing hot food to avoid burns.
3.Never store alcohol, benzene, gasoline, oil, or other volatile or flammable chemicals in your containers.

Blessings ♥

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  1. such a happy thought...the other day the hubby and I went out for lunch and were so full after that we decided to head to the department store..we bought hangers, drinking glasses and sponges..I had fun arguing with him haha, you made me hungry here...craving for adobo! hehe,

  2. I like their products as they are very durable. Both mine & hubby's lunchbags and containers are still in fab condition & we bought them 2 years ago =)

  3. Meron kami nung black! Matibay talaga sya compared sa iba!


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