Friday, June 10, 2011

Colored toe nails, I like

I'm really not used of seeing my toe nails unpolished but I think for a week now, my toes are just being simple. I kept it colorless but I eventually thought it looks lifeless so I went to the nearest store to purchase a nail color.

I wanted to purchase O.P.I but it's a bit expensive. I can already purchase 10kg of rice with it's price. Nyehehhe. So I stroll around the mall hoping to get a nice but affordable polish and finally found, Tony Moly cosmetic store. They have a pretty good range of nail colors at the prices of, $4.90, $8.90, $11.90 and $12.90. Of course being penny-wise, obviously, I purchased a RED color at $4.90. Meynteyn! :)

This is RED <3

Applied on my toenails and it looks like this, not bad, yeah? :)

By the way, those sandals were from here but I fixed it and hubby still bought a new pair for me. :)

Blessings ♥


  1. Have you checked out their "Snake Crackle" line? They're amazing! :D We have branches here in the PHL already and they come cheaper (around Php 200 max). I'll bring some when I come back in August. :)

  2. ^ wow kate, sure sure i would love to. i want to try the nail art set also but cant find a nice one. suggest pls.



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