Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hershey's 3 Birthday party Update

Update on Hershey's 3rd birthday chronicles.

Sorry I don't have much picture to upload today but promise to do so tonight or as soon as I remember. Blame Cityville please. It is taking too much of my time. *wink*

As of today, I think I'm done with almost everything.

Venue: It's confirmed that the party will be held at Azalea Condo's function hall. This is where my friends had their wedding reception. See picture below. I paid 170 SGD for the deposit and 60 SGD for 6 hour hall rental.

Venue decors: I've purchase a package which includes 40 helium pearl balloons, 2 pillars balloons and 1 bouquet balloons. As the venue is not too big, I think these will suffice.

I also purchased a Disney princess scene setter,we will cover the wall with castle scene and Disney princesses add on stickers.

Cake:  Down payment has been made and just waiting for the the sketch and cake details from the baker. It will be a pink princess cake. :)

I might buy theme cup cakes on the birth date itself, I am speaking with the same baker as well. If she guarantees free delivery, I will close the deal. :)

Giveaways Purchased all from the PH. Big thanks to my inlaws for hitting Diviland just to buy the cheapest but nice giveaways for the kids.

Caterer  I am torn between LIANG and ISS. I want Liang because they have good costumer service. I had them before during H's 2nd birthday party and guests loved the food. ISS on the other hand was tried by our church when they catered in one of our events.

Gown I found this nice Snowhite tulle dress online, I asked a friend to follow the design and work her best for H. I hope it is really the best, well see tonight. :)

Shoes None yet but saw one Stride doll shoes available online. I might pay a visit to their store soon and let H try it.

Games Have to check with my inlaws. They are facilitating the games. :)

I got a week more to goooo! Kaya to ko!

Thanks Lord for the provision.

Blessings ♥

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