Monday, May 28, 2012

Fever fever go away

Hershey was sick last week. It started with a not so frequent cough, it stopped for a while but then last Monday (21st) fever has surfaced. When I arrived home from work, the nanny told me that the kid was very warm and her eyes are watery. We still have few bottles of medicine we got from the Children's hospital last last week (due to cough, no fever) and told manang Jiji to just continue giving them to H. I took care of the little kid the whole time but we keep on waking up in the middle of the night because of the persistent cough and high fever.

At 3AM this is how she looked like. i sent the picture to my colleagues in the States and UK, see guys, I cant come to work, baby is down with fever 39.5 right now.

I gave her Ibuprofen and continuously wipe her with cold damp cloth and leave one on her forehead. This helps a lot. Good thing about H is that she likes drinking water so I don't have a problem increasing fluid intake.

This is what she looked like at 1:30 in the afternoon. Sweet smile despite of the high fever. <3

We continued the routine medicine but up until 7PM the next day, the fever has not gone down. That was when I decided to bring her to the hospital.

She was given new set of fever medicine, new cough syrup, zyrtec for runny nose and antibiotics. Im thankful to the Lord that today, she is already well.

Blessings ♥

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer in Bintan Indonesia - Singapore getaways

I've been dying to dip myself into the waters of a 'real beach', so 3 weeks ago was a dream come true after so many years. I am was a beach bum. I was browsing my Multiply page the other day and was surprise about the fact that almost every 2 months we were on the beach - when I was still single. Deym. I want that again.

We had an overnight summer excursion last  Apr 30-May 1 2012. Thank God some of our beach buddies are already working here in Singapore, so friends Rocky and Karlo went with us to Nirwana Gardens Resort in Bintan Indonesia. It was our first time to visit the place.

photo courtesy - Nirwana website

Bintan is a 55 minute ferry ride from Singapore. Its quiet near so Bintan has been a common beach destination for residents of Singapore. When taking the Public Transport: Take the MRT to Tanah Merah MRT (for our case we took the cab going to TM as we are meeting our friends there), board bus 35 and take it to the last stop at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (12 mins).  Although it was raining when we left Singapore but Mr Sun met us as soon as we arrived Bintan. Thank you.

That's my daughter and I, lower left is a welcome signage upon arriving to Bintan, lower right is a photo of our ferry

The Gang! Manang Jiji took the photo

   We were actually welcomed by local dancers. I luv it. :D Our rooms were not yet ready when we arrived so we decided to use our freebies while waiting.


 The boys, Marv and Karl went for an air dive. :D neah, flying fox.

Daddy! Weeeee!
We didnt know what to do and where to go after these activities. It was very hot as well so we thought of going back to the hotel to take a rest. There was only one room available at the moment so we invited the couple to join us for a while. We had a nap.

Too bad I wasn't able to get photos of our room. We were all tired and wanted to just doze off.

And then of course, when we woke up, we had our chance to enjoy the beach.

and spend overtime in the pool.

It was fun! See you again beaches friends. :D

Blessings ♥

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Repost : Toddler's Rules

I saw this from one of the posts from GT. Some of toddler's rules, read first. wag patulan ang bata.

Toddler's Rules

Submitted by: PeaPieMom
Author: Unknown
1.1- If I want it, it's mine
2- If it's in my hand, it's mine
3- If I can take it away from
you, it's mine
4- If I had it a little while ago, it's mine
5- If it's mine, it must never appear
to be yours in any way
6- If we are building something together,
all the pieces are mine
7- If it just looks like mine, it's mine
8- If I think it's mine, it's mine
9- If I give it to you and change
my mind later, it's mine
10- Once it's mine it will never belong
to anyone else, no matter what

Blessings ♥

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Love you Mommy, Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a Mother's Day celebration at home yesterday. It was a Sunday and as usual, we are busy as we have Church in the afternoon. My husband bought a cake for me. It was my daughter who chose it because she likes the starts and the hearts design on it. :) On it, it says, "Love You Mommy".  I was touched. We shared the cake right after lunch.

There is also a commemoration at Church which made most moms teary eyed. My husband made a video for me and showed my not so nice pictures that made everyone laughing, i hate it. Haha. H handed me a flower and said, Happy Mother's day, mom! She can say that over and over again and still liking it. :D

I love my daughter so much. She is the reason why I am qualified to celebrate Mother's Day. I give her all my love and care. I thank her for making me feel special in every way.

But I will never top how my mother cared and loved us. The things I do for my child is only a bit of what my mother did to us. So it was really her day. I want to post a picture of her here but I cant stop myself from crying looking at some. I'm happy that before she left us, I told her everything - those which are in my heart. I said sorry for the things that I didn't do, for not reaching her expectations, for not returning the love she gave me. I said sorry for not being the best, for sometimes being maldita, for the times I'm disappointing her, for the times I hurt her. I ask forgiveness for the bad things I've done. I told her i love her over and over again and I don't want to loose her. She was still strong that time and she responded with, understanding.

I pray that I will be strong and healthy for my child. That I will be more understanding each day. I pray that I can be a virtuous woman:

Who can find a virtuous woman? She is far more precious than jewels...
Strength and honor are her clothing, and she can laugh at the time to come.
She opens her mouth with wisdom, and loving instruction is on her tongue.
She watches over the activities of her household and is never idle.
Her sons rise up and call her blessed.
He husband also praises her:
Many women are capable, but you surpass them all!
Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised.
~Proverbs 31:10, 25-30

Blessings ♥

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