Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Singapore Primary One Registration Exercise : PR's anxious

Enough with the new adobe chronicles for now because I have new things to think about.

My Hershey will be in primary one this January 2015. Since 3 July 2014, the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) have started with Primary One Registration Exercise and officially yesterday I've been anxious of the result of the registration for the school we wish to enroll our child.

preparing the requirements
In Singapore, enrolling a child in primary school follows a rigorous procedures. They implement phases as to when a Singaporean, a permanent resident and a foreigner can start registering their children.

More info here,  primary-one-registration/phases

We fall under this category:

For children who are Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents :
Phase 2C-  For all children who are eligible for Primary One in the following year and are not yet registered in a primary school
              -Registration starts on Wednesday, 30 July 2014 end on Friday, 1 Aug 2014

              -Announcement of result, by Wednesday, 6 August 2014

And you ask why there is an announcement of result? Because schools with very good reputation usually fill their vacancies faster than the rest. Like for the school we wanted, Pasir Ris Primary, which is just 2 blocks away from our house, as of yesterday it has an extra of 10 students (from phase 2B). Then balloting happens. Balloting will be conducted if the number of applications to a school exceeds the number of vacancies available in any of the phases from Phase 2A(1) onwards. It is conducted within the school premises.

And if you read through here, primary-one-registration/allocation/, you'll realize, this is harsh, very harsh for permanent residents. Didn't even stand a chance. Oh well, should be fair enough though, SC must be given priority. 

I'm just concern because I really want my daughter to enrol there mainly because of comfort as it is just a 2-minute walk from our place.

Crossing our fingers. May this be God's will.

Blessings ♥

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Thursday, July 03, 2014

She's just a child

I posted these on the GirlTalk Forum.The thread is about Teaching your toddler-pre schooler.

"I used to teach my daughter with her spelling assignment.  They have quiz every Tues so I help her prepare. Eventually, I don't na. I just ask her if she has reviewed if yes, then okay, lets have a quiz, it not i'll remind her to. Usually aayaw kasi syempre tinatamad gusto mag tv lang pero i tell her,

"Bey ( as in Beybi :) ) you know you have to study. It is for your own good but if you don't like, okay sige, when you'll find a job, they won't check naman your spelling scores pero you'll see your workbook with red correction markings from your teacher. if it's alright for you to see it, then walang problema saken. Go on watching tv and just play." Then I'll go but before I even take my second step away, "Okay, Okay, I'll study now!"

Done. :) after that I'll do the test. Perfect score. hahaha."

"Taught my daughter to put cetaphil on her face instead of me or yaya doing it for her. besides she likes doing make up naman so sagarin nya na. LOL.

but I give her an option to ask yaya if she's not in the mood. i have that special rule at home. i teach her the basics, like fixing her part of the bed before sleeping, preparing her school stuff the night before, keep all her toys after playing, etc (and I double check) but I give her also the option not to do if shes not in the mood. you see, i put myself on my daughter's shoes, there are times that i really don't want to do chores because im tired or im simply lazy. wala lang gana. so i know sa kada tao dumadating ang mga panahon na ganyan so i give her that right - she would sometimes get irritated kasi andami nyang gagawin, syempre andami nyang kalat, she'll fuzz that shes tired and 'i do all' na mga linya. those time i give way. its either yaya will complete for her or ill do it.

but this should not happen often kasi ending nyun iba na. youll know naman kelan nag aarte lang ang bata vs sa she had a lot na talaga. i think this has a positive effect on her. nagiging alert sya sa responsibility nya.

i used to also reward her pag she does good stuff. simple chores. pero it was just when we were starting. eventually she has to know that those are tasks that she needs to do. hindi yun pabor. i always tell her, when you grow up, youll understand. she's 6. :) hopeful for that day. "

Many have mentioned that my daughter thinks maturely. I know that. I know she's smart. Even when she's still small, you can just explain things to her and she does it fine, but I guess because I know she's intelligent, I sometimes become too hard on her. I expect a lot from my daughter which I think is wrong. She's tall and big, looks like a primary school student but really inside, she's just a child. Sometimes, I have to stop and remind myself that I am dealing with a 3-4-5- and now shes 6 year old and that I don't have to be too hard for her. In spite of me being unreasonable sometimes, I thank God I have a daughter who understands. There is no question that I love her, that I want her to be responsible as early as now but sometimes, I'm forgetting the fact that she needs to be a child and I should embrace it because her it is not forever and I know that.

 This parenting thing, not easy really! :)

Blessings ♥

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