Monday, July 09, 2012

My daughter a guitarist

One day, H all of a sudden became a fan of the "Mini Band" in Youtube. I'm sure it is by her Daddy's influence to watch it and because the members of the band are all kids, it became more interesting.

 Until one day she wants her own guitar already. The daddy can't resist because he said he sees the potential (naks!) and it would be easier for H to learn if the guitar size is just perfect for her age.

The above photo is her strumming her daddy's 16 year old guitar. The minute she holds it, the guitar looked comfortable with her inspite of how big it is. She looks like a pro strumming and plucking those strings. Imagine how hard and sharp those strings would be for a 4 year old but H was able to play "Twinkle Twinkle, little stars. How I wonder what you are." without a sweat.

We were all excited. :) I thought that it was easier for her to love playing the guitar because her daddy is a guitarist so the connection was natural.

And then we were all surprised when the dad brought home a real guitar for the little one. She was soooo happy to see a mini version and she plays with it over and over again. It is a Fend Squier Mini in torino red. Sweet.

My only desire is that she will take it seriously and may she give glory to her God every time she strums those strings.

Way to go,H!

Blessings ♥

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