Monday, January 30, 2012

SEOUL trip : Story behind Arrival

I went over my blog and I didn't see posts regarding our HK new year celebration 2010. Shame, I could have shared a great and blessed moments to everyone but, I am not going to miss sharing another blessing when we went to Seoul for Christmas 2011.

We left Singapore Dec 22 at 10 AM via China Eastern (CE). Aside from using the terminal 3 at the Changi airport, there is really nothing special with CE. Actually, we won't be taking the same airlines next time, although the food and service are okay, but the transfer is a hassle and the planes are small. When you have small planes, turbulence became part of your flight - you wouldn't like it.

So we arrived in Seoul around 9 PM - that is 8 PM SG/HK/PH time. We landed safe and thank God not too tired but we were confuse how to go to the baggage claim counter - quiet challenging. We didn't see any useful signage so we just went with the crowd until one local with a friendly smile affirmed that we are going the right way. We took the train from the arrival hall going to where our luggage are. While on transit, this local was even helpful to ask us if we already know what bus to take from the airport. We have our cheat sheet, my copy of what/where/how on the itinerary but we were still open to her suggestions.

Everything was going good until we arrived at the baggage claim area and knew about the sad truth that we can't find our bags. I thought they were just joking, that all of a sudden someone will come running to us saying that, "Hey, dont worry now, your luggage are here!" But NO. The Aseana team spoke to us and told us our bags were left in Singapore and will be in Seoul tomorrow afternoon. And I dont know what to do. I spoke to CE customer support and they were not even apologetic of what happened. They say they are giving us 50USD for the hassle. Wow, thank you but I  need our bags! *cry*

We were just thankful because I have my daughter's small bag with extra clothes and milk but her vitamins and emergency medicines are all in her luggage. Also grateful that we decided to bring all our winter jackets with us because we thought we will be transiting via China which was on 1 deg cel coldness - so we have to tag along our jackets with us. Buti na lang talaga because when we went outside, it was freezing cold.
 We took bus 6103 going to Gangnam and from there our host came to fetch us.  Into her WV convertible car then off to her posh pad.

To be continued...

Blessings ♥

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Todai Intenational Buffet at MBS with friends

Yesterday my family met with our long time friends, Rocky and Karlo. We knew each other since 2003, we were hired, trained and worked together at Link2Support. They are really very close to us. We travel to beaches together, we witnessed Karlo serenading Rocky during our training at work and even witnessed Karlo's wedding proposal - just a shame we were not able to attend their wedding but we still see each other even after relocating here in Singapore. Rocky would have business trips here and when we visit Manila we make sure we meet them.

Rocky has been assigned permanently to work here in Singapore and since her arrival we have been planning to meet but because of busy December schedule it was only yesterday that we had our chance. We had lunch at Todai (read: toe-die) at Marina Bay Sands. I have high expectation with this "eat all you can" restaurant because I have heard and read its good reputation not mentioning it's high price. See:

2nd/3rd pic from the website
 And it didn't fail me! They have quite a good spread of food -  Korea, Japanese, Chinese, Western and Italian. Every bit of what I get is really delicious! My favorite of all is the chilly crab and the grilled pork ribs. Yuuummmmm...

 I don't want to miss this, cute! Yes, Ratatouille! Hehe
 And they serve rocks as well.  LOL. That's very unusualbut those are volcanic rocks that regulates the heat on the buffet heater - they said.

I indulge with the dessert as well. I just love the ice cream over my waffle plus some chocolote syrup and of course the very sweet Korean strawberry.

And those are our friends outside Marina Bay Sands mall. :) Great time.

See you again guys!

Blessings ♥

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taiwan in 2013

Last year, we celebrated our New Year celebration (Dec 26- January 1, 2011) in the crowded Victoria Harbour waterfront in Hong Kong TST where the Avenue of Stars is located. December 21-27 2011, just last month, we were in Seoul to celebrate Christmas. When you look at it, parang 2x in 2011 kami nag travel. I thought we only planned to go abroad once every year? Not good. Well, you know what I  mean if you want to mention budget. Nevertheless, thank God for the provision.

I will be sharing our Seoul pictures soon. I will just save time to do it.

Well right now, I am contemplating of going to Taiwan but because of the above analysis, this will be moved to 2013. I was hoping to experience New Year in Australia 11 months from now but again because of the above, it won't push through. Travel will be done starting 2013. Baket ba kasi 2 sa isang taon? wala sa usapan yun! Anyway, why Taiwan? It's because I want to experience the Sky Lantern festival.

I don't know what's with sky lanterns but even before the Tangled movie, I just find it enchanting, sky lanterns have emotional effect on me. So I was researching and found out about Pingxi, Taiwan lantern festival. People write their wishes and prayers on the lanterns and let it fly in the sky.

photo credit:
A seller in Facebook is selling sky lanterns and I want to buy a lot but I don't know if we can actually fly lanterns in the skies of Singapore. Kill Joy! So today, I will focus myself on preparing for the great reward, I will give myself the chance to experience the worlds famous sky lantern in Taiwan! Although not this year but since it happens every year anyway, I will look forward to it.

Taiwan on February 2013! Watch me! :)

Blessings ♥

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My new page, Project 366 is online on blogger


My second year for Project 365. I started this daily photo diary last year influenced by my friend Marice. It was a lovely project so I'm continuing it this year. We have 366 days for 2012 because it's a leap year so for 2012 it is Project 366. Project 365 was available via my Facebook page and but I discontinued the latter. Now, Project 366 is not only viewable by my friends on Facebook but it is also online on Blogger.

Please visit my other page as well, YEAR 2012 PROJECT 366,

Thank you.

Blessings ♥

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cellphone Dillema

I read and heard about Siri and Vangie but just every time I wonder who they are.  So Siri is iPhone's software assistant and knowledge navigator functioning as a PA while Vangie is the Filipino version. My friends have to update me because I am so not updated. I am not amused of the technology of the latest model of mobile phones. I dont know why but ganun lang talaga ako.

I remember when I was in college, I was a die hard 5110 lover. Nauso na ang 3210, 71something pero loyal talaga ako sa 5110 ko. Mind you it is always updated. The cutest case, the loveliest backlight, the sweetest ring tone, and the fanciest antenna. Remember the flashing antenna? Ha Ha. And definitely my load kahit pa eventually nauso ang drop call. :D

I remember I used to borrow my cousin's phone or my sister's para maiba lang. Then I'm shy to show it to my friends. I would have the latest model of Nokia (since my cousin is a dealer and supplier) pero feeling ko no cellphone models can top my 5110! nyeheheh. My friends would ask me, "Ano cellphone mo ngayon, Hap?" Then I'll answer, "Ericson or Nokia blah blah. Pero papalitan ko to next week. Di maganda." Tapos they'll laugh at me. Vaket?

So what is this all about? Well, right now, I am contemplating on getting a new phone. You see I have been using my company's phone for a year now (which they don't care about) but sometimes it's a hassle not to have your own and personal line but I'm kinda confuse what phone model I should get. People are pushing me to get the iphone 4s but goodness, ang mahal! Mahalia Perez sya. And nakakapagod ang touch screen. Keypads please?

I dont know. Bahala na si Batman! If we get the iPhone 4s, I might trade it with my husband's Samsung or my take Yaya's 39sgd worth na CP from 7-11. Basta ba maka text at tawag.

We'll see... I hope to get the best deal para naman masaya ako. Malamang Nokia ito.

Cellular phone dillema nga naman.

Blessings ♥

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And I declare you are healed

I think right now, I understand the statement "I think of you always." in a truer way. I literally think of my Mother every single minute of the day. I recall voices, stories from my sisters of how my mom and them are coping. I recall what we discussed about her medicines, about her diet plan, what the doctor's feedbacks are, etc etc. I think about my mother's testimony, I think about her dream.

Speaking of dream, I want to share to you a dream my mother had one night. In the dream she is being chased and attacked by 3 men holding a knife, a sword and a gun. The man with a gun is the most persistent of the 3, he shoots her non stop. My mother goes into a room but this guy is still shooting her trying his best to kill her and the other 2 are furious to get her until all of a sudden a Man from a bright light in the room appeared and ask the 3 men why are they pursuing her and then told them to stop because she is His and He loves her. He told them that they cannot touch her or kill her and that she will live.

My mom woke up crying and called my niece then they both prayed. You see, Nanay's liver has 3 tumors on it. For us the symbolism of the 3 killers is the 3 tumors on her liver which is trying to end her life but the Man in the light who is God was there to protect and save her - to give her life.

When I tell people about my mom's condition, they feel bad and I can't take away from them the thought that it's a tough survival for someone who has cancer. It is a sad fact but not for us. Since the day we knew about my mother's condition the Lord has been gracious to us, He has been very comforting and has shown His goodness in every way.

I sometimes worry. I sometimes feel sad and useless that I cannot do anything about it but after a while, after thinking much, I will realize that whatever circumstance I have right now, God is still God. It doesn't change His position of being the God who gives and take away. He holds my mother's life and not only hers but mine and yours so I don't have other choice but to let Him control over our lives.

I only have His promises in my heart. I just think about what He says in the Bible and I'm okay.
that "Never will I leave you nor forsake you" that everyday He is there to listen. He also said
that "By His stripes my mother is healed"
That "whatever our hearts' desires, when we delight ourselves to Him, He will give it"
That “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” (Luke 18:27)
That "He is the Lord who heals you.” (Exodus 15:26)

That He said,

“For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” says the Lord. (Jeremiah 30:17)

So now until the day the doctors say my mom is totally healed from cancer, I will praise You. I won't feel sad or bad because You are there and is listening to all our cries.

My mother is alright. She doesn't feel any pain. Actually when she was diagnosed with cancer, she was also diagnosed with swollen pancreas and gall stones but the Lord has already healed those so now we are concentrating more on binding and rebuking the spirit of cancer/tumor and release the spirit of healing and good health and long life to her. She is into a diet plan, she only eats organic.

And I declare in Jesus' name Nanay is healed.

Blessings ♥

Sunday, January 08, 2012

It was a splendid 2011

Hapi D Calica
It was/is a victorious 2011. We had its bests and i would like to give the glory back to the King of Kings. 2012 would be greater, more blessings, more miracles. i thank the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for The unending love ♥

That is my post before the year 2011 ends. Indeed, the blessing was overflowing. Indeed, the Lord has never abandoned us so my gratefulness is just beyond words. That is not only financial but social, spiritual and physical.

We had our Church's Valentine's Dinner

Hershey turned 3!

In laws are with us.

Our first experience of Marina Bay Sands for free. :) Thanks MIL.

My sister, Pastora Marj came to visit and attend Times of Refreshing. Twas great to experience 3 of us together. Someday soon well be complete and happy!

Dinner with colleagues which doesn't happen often. Neah, it's my choice but thought they were great!
Dinner with friends. This doesn't happen all the time.  We had a great time.

Singapore Zoo with the BKK! Twas super fun!

Visited Singapore's Marina Barrage. It wasn't too bad. :) Actually it was fun! We had the best kite flying moment in our lives. hehe
Get together dinner with high school friends. We had couple more of these for 2011. Enjoy.

How can I forget our skating moments with my other set of friends? Fun fun fun!
Hershey started her daily school. This is her during their Racial Harmony event, she wears the kimona patadjong for Filipiniana attire and the other picture is her wearing their school uniform.

Our wedding anniversary and re-united with my bestest friend from NZ with her family.

Here comes my birthday! The best thing is, my parents are with us!

Celebrated my father's birthday at Sentosa! Happy lang

Of course,  I had my Azkals game moment! Ha!
Nanay had her water baptism. Officiated by no other than her son, my brother who is our Pastor.
After 2 years, I received a dozen of flowers from my husband. He had it delivered to the office, I didnt know about it so he was able to go on with his plan. :D I don't want him to buy me flowers because they are expensive. Ha ha! But it didnt stop him anymore. He just wants to give me flowers without any occasion at all. Sweet lang. Thus my profile picture on this blog.
Hershey the flower girl at Jelly and Winston's wedding. 
 Mom celebrated her birthday with us too! Then we visited together Pulau Ubin. It's our first time. :D

Come December, Marian and Rocky's briday shower. It was pink and black! :D

So when my parents when back to the Philippines we also found out that my mother has liver cancer. It was a big news and a terrible fact for our family but we are coping well. My mom is as strong as a rock and the Lord has been gracious with His grace and comfort we are dealing it with great hope that she will get well. Thank you Lord in advance and once she's completely healed, I will blog more about it. :D

Of course, we had our Christmas celebration in Seoul.

We opted to still pursue our Seoul trip because we already have brought tickets and reserved our hotel when we knew about Nanay's case and my siblings said we should just go because God is great, He will be able to let us enjoy the blessing and at the same time heal my mom. :D And we give our trust to Him.

Ann and Rocky's wedding on the 28th. We arrived Dec 27, 12mn and on the next day at 5 PM we were off to a wedding. Buzzzy! :D I was also the emcee. He he.

And new year celebration at my brother's home. We were green!

I might have missed some but generally these are all the events on my 2011. So I know that there will be more exciting events on 2012.

Most imporatantly, we are waiting for Nanay's total healing because "He will not let you be defeated. He who guards you never sleeps. Ps121:3."

All glory to God our Father.

Blessings ♥

Thursday, January 05, 2012

SHARE: Trip lang namin

I want to update my blog today, I want to share the highlights of my 2011 (naks!) but i can't find time to compose a relatively long story. :D That's the whole 12 months, you know! :D

picture from the Internet

While I am collecting time and effort, I just want to share that last night while brushing H's hair, I sang "Flower, gleam and glow Let your power shine..." This is the healing incantation of Mother Gothel from Tangled. After the song she asked, "Can i go outside mother?" then i replied, "No, sorry dear, the outside world is a dangerous place for you." Then H said with a sad face, "Alright, mother." Exact transcript. :D

Hahaha. It was just random. So spontaneous but funny! hahaha. Lakas ng trip ng mag ina. :D

Blessings ♥