Friday, October 29, 2010

Food: Yummy Vietnamese SpringRoll + Satay

 Yesterday there were again food in the pantry.We had sticks of satay and spring rolls. I remember when I was still pregnant I don't like the smell or the taste of satay really but eventually got over it after I gave birth. It's just part of the pregnancy thing, you know, your tastes buds tends to change how most good food tastes.

Satay is the Singapore version of Philippines pork BBQ. Yummy except when it has curry. But the ones yesterday were great! I think I finished 4 sticks while browsing the Internet and I want more. Lamon?

                                                                                                                                source: Internet
Then we had lumpia or spring roll. What made it special aside from it's taste is its wrapper. It is made of rice net. See picture. It was soooo yummy! ✔ They say it is a Vietnamese style sprill roll in rice net wrapper. Perfect!

And it will be more pleasing to eat when it is served like this. ✔✔✔

I missed to asked where my colleagues bought it but I have the feeling that it was from Lau Pa Sat - a popular food court in the business center.

Most specially, I enjoyed because they are for freeeee! I get to bring some for Marvin too. Hehe.☃

Blessings ♥

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tremors felt in Singapore 10.25.10

I first saw this from @yhanie_17 tweet. I googled and found some entries online. A 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit western coast of Indonesia's Sumatra island yesterday but thank God no damage or casualties were reported.

Singapore also felt the quake last night at around 10:42 SGT. According to Channel News Asia, callers to their hotline said the tremors, which lasted about a minute, were felt in places such as Farrer Road, Cecil Street and North Bridge Road.

I think I was watching JL+AL's Imortal on TFC when this happened. It's scary. We live on the 8th floor and our building is in front of Pasir Ris beach though there has been no tsunami threat in Singapore but you can't blame me for being paranoid. I have a 2 year old daughter to keep safe.

I don't have control on any of these so I pray to the Lord that He always covers us.

♥ Singapore, our current home. God protects SG.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Singapore haze 10.2010

Singapore haze reached the unhealthy level last week when the Government warned everyone to stay indoor. Those with conditions such as chronic heart or lung ailments may experience more discomfort because of this. Those without heart or lung issues may just experience eye irritation, sneezing of coughing. 

The haze started clouding the skies last October 16, I remember last Monday while waiting for the bus I told my husband what's up with the haze on the highway, he said it's just fog and we just realized it after a few days when haze reports were all over the news. 

I took some pictures on my way home last Thursday. I took this from the bus going home.

 This picture was taken October 21st from our flat, 9th floor of our building, around 5 PM

Haze in Singapore was attributed by the fires in Sumatra brought in by the prevailing southwesterly winds.Today, the Pollutants Standard Index (PSI) level according to the National Environment Agency of Singapore is at 37 as of 12NN which is on the acceptable level. It went up as high as 96 on Oct 22. More info here, 
This is how it looked like at 12NN today (Oct.25).

I wish this smoke will all go away soon. It is really not healthy for everyone for little kids, old people and people who are already suffering lung and heart issue most specially.

♥ Singapore. This is our home right now.


Friday, October 22, 2010

THANK YOU - lovely award

Yipee! I got my 2nd blog award! Given to me by my dear OB friend, visit her blog here

ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD! pa girl! hehe. So I'm gonna share this with some online friends too. :) Let's share our blessings... :)


EDIT: 4th Nov 2010

I've got 1 more of this award from PINAYsPOV

Salamat sis! 2 na! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Year celebration at Disneyland

source: Internet
Whew! So just a few minutes ago, I finally confirmed our hotel booking for our trip to HK this December. We are flying via Cathay Air on Dec 28 to HK and spend our New Year at Disneyland. How nice is that? I have prayed for this trip a year ago and asked God to let us experience new year celebration the Disneyland way and in about 2 months time my faithful God has approved it and we will be able to experience it now. We will be residing at MetroPark Kowloon hotel for 4 night. Now I can start working on our itenirary. My friend Jennifer gave me their last year's family HK trip itenirary, so I will just be basing ours from hers. :) Such a copycat! hehe.

I am happy and excited yes but if I think about the figures I have paid, airfare+accomodation, I already want to cry. waaah! I didnt expect it would cost this much. I wish Cebu Pacific sale seats are available here but what the heck, I've booked and paid for them already. So let me just see the other side of the coin now, to look forward for a happy new year! We also hope to meet my MIL there. She will be coming from the Philippines.

source: Internet
Hershey is already excited. She is excited to see Snowhite in person, she's just so inlove with her! She said she would kiss and hug Snowhite when she sees her. I really hope she wont get scared. She has 2 PINK winter jackets, boots from New Zealand (a pasalubong from her godmother) and new pram! She just needs few more shirts and I am getting ready too as it is colder in HK during this time, we will have to prepare few layers of clothes to warm us up. This is a major vacation for our family.

We will have our Christmas celebration in Singapore then off to Hongkong for the New Year! So, what's your plan this holidays? Advance happy Christmas and let's all have a blessed new year! :)

Thanks Jesus as usuall for making this possible.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Target of Criticism

" Iam a sinner, saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. I have been however, unless I die to myself, I will remain as I am. If I will not share Jesus then, who? If not you then, who? "

This is the message I received from a Christian friend. She is someone who is more vocal and shameless when it comes to sharing her faith than I am. She would even post on her Facebook an invitation to accept Christ which is normally done at church. hahaha. My brother said, it is a shame for Christians to say they are Christians when they can't even speak about Jesus to anyone or don't even know a verse in the Bible. Like they say we are on Jesus generation now - if you believe that Jesus is God, say it! If you understand the necessity of it to those who doesn't know yet, you will work double time.

But being so expressive and blunt with your faith makes you the target of the enemy most of the time. You are the target of judgement by people who enjoys looking at somebody's fault and talk about it. You see we are all sinners and we sin everyday but if you have the Christ I have in my life, you will consider sin as sin and deal it with your God.

You don't go around people judging them because they don't do things in your way. It's man's standard anyway so it's not a big deal. Remember that Christians are not people pleaser but God pleaser. God's ways are not our way so let's spare those who like sharing their Christ to others. Maybe that is their calling. For as long as it doesn't hurt you, let it be.

Like Rod Parsley said, "The anointing attracts the favor of God. It also makes us the enemy's target - so don't be surprised when you're in the world's crosshairs."  This is for those who are being attacked of their being vocal about God. It is I think better to be criticized for being blunt than surprising your closest friends that you are indeed a Christian. "Ay, Christian ka rin pala?!" Face palm. That actually is still acceptable but just make sure that in front of God, He will identify you as His.

And also to those who are trying to live a Christ like life, remember that you will be an object of criticism so be careful with what you do and but for as long as you know in yourself the true you, go on and just pray. Love those who criticize you and don't do the same to them. Just continue to love and pray for them. We are still lucky to only have this kind of condemnation, remember the early Christians, some were burn alive, beaten and crucified, or even became the meal of lions and tigers because of their confession of faith. And most, remember your God who died for you also died for those you think are hurting you. So just don't stop sharing the good things the Lord has done in your life. There are more people who are blessed by what you share than people who just like to be your critic.

Like this guy said, 4ever_on_faith GARY VALENCIANO
"People often judge and condemn others for the very things they are guilty of themselves. God does not see u the way man sees you. Worry not."

Be blessed.

I love your blog AWARD!

Thank you Sherry for sharing this award to me. :) This is actually my first award after couple of months of serious blogging and I just saw a tag of this from Sherry.

So what do I do with this now? Haha. Sorry, like I said this is my first time. Amp!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Craving for something? Inasal for me!

I have been craving for chicken inasal this past few weeks. Our maid cooked one which was okay but I wish I can have the real one, please?

Chicken Inasal is a grilled chicken best done by Ilonggos, local residents on the western part of the Philippines. I am a true blooded Bacolod native, I was raised and born in Bacolod City but living far from home for the last 7 years. Inasal can be chicken thigh, wings, liver or even gizzard. We went home in Bacolod last March 2010 and visited one of the local restaurants which serves original and very tasty inasal.

You can make your own inasal by simply marinating chicken pieces with unique blend of spices and grilling them under coal and fire.There are a lot of available recipes over the Internet which we you could follow. In Manila, there are numbers of restaurants that caters inasal, you have, JT's Manukan owned by the Bacolodnon Joel Torre and Bacolod Chicken Inasal to name a few.

Sigh. I just want a piece of pa-a (chicken thigh) dipped in sinamak (spiced vinegar), rice with chicken oil, sabaw ng cansi (soup) and coke! Saraaaap! Burp! :)

Friday, October 08, 2010

Longchamp Limited Edition, Eiffel Tower

Welcome blessings!

This is Marvin's wedding anniversary gift to me! :) I received it the other day, it came straight from Paris! Beautiful...

My only rant is, I think it's too big? Or it's just me? I am used to my LC Planetes Med and this one right here is also in medium size but it's way bigger! But i think I am getting used to it every day! *wink*

I hope to receive my third and last Longchamp bag in the next month or so. Wishing! haha.

I really like it! Longchamp Limited Edition, Eiffel Tower in long handle. Black with yellow tower print. la-love!

 Thanks, J ♥

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The running baby!

Hershey had her first fun race last Sunday . It was great because we ran for a cause. SpongeBob PinkPants Run was one of the activities held as part of the Breast Cancer Foundation's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Hershey's church friends, her kuyas, were also there. On the picture is Kuya Jhiel, both of them are running for the Kiddie Fun Race! :) Kuya Jomar on the other hand has joined the competitive race! 

My mother in law who is here for a month long vacation also joined us. She was cheering while recording her only grand daughter's milestones!
And that was me and my daughter just enjoying every minute together running. She calls it "jogging" and stood by it til the finish line. She was so relax making her way unlike the rest of the kids who tries to ran swiftly. :)

When I first heard the gun fire and saw my daughter's eyes in excitement I was teary eyed. I was terribly enjoying the moment and felt happy for my daughter. Funny how she still can converse with me while running, she even noticed my sticker falling so I have to stick it properly again. Her dad was also all out supporting her, taking the best shots and video footage for his little one.

We were able to finish the 800m distance race. There were few times when she asked me to carry her but after less than a minute she would like to run and run again!

I enjoyed it so much. It was a great experience for us!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Protection 101: Heavenly

Lunch time today when I received a text message from my mom-in-law asking if we have duplicate keys for the bedrooms. I said no but we have spare keys somewhere. She said she asked because Hershey locked herself in the room. Mom in law & Manang Jiji, her nanny, panicked because they know she still cannot open it alone. They gave her instructions how to and thank God she did it. Thank God that she's a smart kid too. I'm sure God's guarding angel which I requested to be with them always, helped her. That is the advantage when you pray for protection, safety and wisdom from the Lord. He provides.

She was inside the room for only 5 minutes! :0)

After the incident I called my mom to tell her the story. Then she cried and petied her grand daughter. I told her that it is really best to pray always for God's presence to always be around us and she cried more.  ha ha ha So she added that wherever I am, may I be sitting waiting for the bus, on the ladies room putting make up, eating, etc... I should always remember to talk to God because He hears. I was just quiet and said to myself, "yeah, yeah, i already knew that!" LOL

She was crying hard telling me that Hershey is her life and that she loves her so much more than she loves us. aaaawwww... sweeeet!


So the moral of Hershey's story locking herself in the room, teach kids how to turn the door knob open. Hehe. Well, really, I realized how important it is to live a life under God's radar. You will never get wrong.

The glory belongs to Him.

Psalm 91:14
"Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name."